Newsletter for the Week of May 20, 2019

Congratulations to Maddox Aquino!  He is the second place winner of the Holocaust Center for Humanity’s “Writing, Art, and Film” Contest!  Great job, Maddox!!!  Your Holocaust research paper, with the addition of the personal statement about Mrs. Noemi Ban’s book, “Sharing is Healing,” and the experience of meeting her, is certainly a testament to the memory of all those who should never be forgotten!  We are so very proud of you, Maddox!

2nd Place – Maddox Aquino, 5th grade. Assumption School, Bellingham. Teacher: Lisa Blas.

This week…

Math: Students are finishing chapter nine on graphing.  We will have a review next week and a test.  Then we will begin Chapter 10 on measurement.

Literacy: Some students are near the end of “The Secret Garden” and “Where the Red Fern Grows.”  The “Old Yeller” group has finished their book and have begun reading, “Esperanza Rising.”

Grammar: Students reviewed object and subject pronouns and how to properly use I, me, we, and us.

Writing: Students are explicating poems and trying to understand the metaphors within.

Social Studies: Students are finishing Unit 11 and they will be assessed on Friday.

STEAM: Students are finishing their water distribution projects and their stormwater runoff essays that are due on Friday.  Those who are finished are working on a project around Global Warming.

Religion: Students are reading in their Family Life booklets about traits that strong families have and about outside influences in the media versus our Catholic values.

Science + poetry + art = Haiku poems!  After students studied the effects of plastic on oceans and sea creatures, they wrote Haiku poems around that theme.   Then they took their Haiku poems to art class and painted with Ms. Gottschalk!  Here are some of the beautiful results:


Fifth grade – In Physical education students will continue to improve Lacrosse skills by playing games and drills. Students are expected to continue to improve skills and practice sportsmanship.  SLE An engaged active life-long learner is an independent, self-motivated learner.

5th Grade:  This week, students are learning about chord progressions and music composition. They are working on their own 4 measure composition utilizing their knowledge of chords from our ukulele studies.

5th Grade: Fifth grade artists are learning about Australian aboriginal art.

5th graders are learning about  different kind of drinks like milk, tea, etc. They are creating sentences like ” my favorite drink is….” and positive, negative and interrogative sentences in simple present about their likes such as “?te Gusta la malteada? Sí, me gusta la malteada.
Today we saw new vocabulary about food for breakfast  and what they like and not like to have as breakfast.