Week of April 29, 2019

Important news from Mrs. Campbell:

5th grade – In Physical Education we will be learning to cast for fishing.  Then we will be going fishing and learning about fishing laws and habitat!!   We are taking the students to the home of Mr. And Mrs. Driscoll May 13th, by bus.  Please return the permission slip!  If you want to join us, please contact Mrs. Blas.   

Other physical education news:

K – 8 grades 

May 1- May 7 is observed as National Physical Education & Sport Week.  

Your child has had the opportunity to learn some of many movement skills and games during Physical Education class this year!  Students have learned: inline skating, dances, tennis, badminton, pickle ball, handball, gymnastics, archery, hockey, inline hockey, lacrosse, soccer, speedball, flag football, rugby, ultimate frisbee, kickball, tee ball, fishing, swim safety, and bike riding.                                                                        

God bless you with good health and lots of play time (60 minutes a day recommended)!!        Mrs. Campbell 

The Fun Run is an annual FUNdraiser for the school.  Mrs. Zebrowski and Mrs. Milligan were the chairs and they made this year’s theme so fun!  We were the 5th grade gorillas.  There is still time to get those pledges in!

Getting pumped up for the Fun Run!!!         Awesome Maroon Gorillas!

Show that muscle, Gorillas!

The Map test was this week.  I was so proud of the students since most of them exceeded their MAP reading goals for spring.  Keep on reading this summer!!!

MAP testing. Gone are the days of bubble tests!

Math: Students took the Chapter 7 test.

Social Studies: Students are finishing their studies of the 13 Original Colonies and taking their assessment.

Reading: Students are continuing their readings of “Old Yeller,” “Where the Red Fern Grows,” and “The Secret Garden.”  We are discussing character traits, making predictions, and learning new vocabulary.

Writing/Grammar: Students are continuing their poetry unit and tying it into the Earth Day (religion) unit on good stewardship.  We are writing poems about fish, the oceans, and God’s creations.

Students are working on object pronouns and subject pronouns.

No spelling list this week due to MAP testing.  Next week the spelling list will be Unit 27 on prefixes.

Science: Students finished the “What Plants Need to Grow” unit.  We are beginning out unit on water distribution of the Earth.

Garden: Students went to the garden this week to learn more about photosynthesis.  They drew a diagram of the process of photosynthesis and learned that we need plants and they need us since we exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide.  Students also used plants to make art work.


Religion: Students are reading Chapter 13, “God Saves Us.”  We are reading about Original Sin, Salvation, and eternal life.

Fifth grade artists are learning Asian-style calligraphy and painting.

Spanish: The third-fifth graders looked at making legends with their maps.

Then we looked at the old trivia quiz show “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego…” There were questions on Spain.

Music: The Missoula Children’s Theater residency is just around the corner! Taking part in the production of Gulliver’s Travels will be a wonderful opportunity for all students, any children who are inserted are encouraged to come to open auditions after school on Monday, May 13th in the gym!

This week, students are practicing using C7 and F chords by playing The Banana Boat Song. They are also learning to play the C chord, and adding in new strumming patterns to songs they know.


May 9th – Mother’s Day Flower Basket order pick-up (7:30-8:15 and 2:45-3:15 in front of the gym) 

May 10th – No school for Kindergarten only today. (Mrs. Whelan will be assessing rising Kindergarten students.)Bilingual Mass today at 10:30 am. 

May 6th  10th– Eighth graders in Washington D.C. 

May 8th  10th– Seventh graders in Portland, OR 

May 13th – 18th– Missoula Children’s Theater for K-8 

May 17th – May Crowning Mass 

May 17th – Jr. Ski to Sea Parade at 4 pm with the Root Beer and Brats fundraiser from 4- 8 pm