Newsletter for the Week of April 22, 2019

Spring is here and students are getting ready for the MAP test next week!  Students should be on time to school each day next week.  Please do not schedule doctor/dentist appointments next week.  Students should have a healthy protein-based diet, get plenty of sleep, and have minimal homework next week (just reading).

Fun Run: Hooray for the mighty 5th grade maroon gorillas!

Get those Fun Run pledges in!  5th grade is in the highest percentile as far as participation and so far we’ve brought in $591.00!!!  Let’s get those pledges in and have fun in the Fun Run!

Mrs. Campbell has arranged for the students to participate in the Bike Rodeo!  We learned about bike safety, bike maintenance, the best way to pedal, the arm motions for directions, how to properly fit a helmet, and how to be safe while having fun!  Thank you so much for bringing the bike rodeo to ACS, Mrs. Campbell!

I want to thank the Wolfe family for the Mt. Baker field trip to see “Artrageous.”  What a great opportunity to see art in action!  I’d like to thank our chaperones, Mrs. Simons, Mrs. Zebrowski, and Mrs. Balogh for going on this field trip!

Math: Chapter 7: area, mixed numbers, comparing actors and products of fractions

Social Studies: 13 Colonies- who founded them and why

Writing/Grammar: Students finished their limericks and they are pretty funny.

Subjects, objects, irregular verbs

STEAM: We finished our unit on shadows and we are nearly done with our unit on plants.  We have started our study of water distribution on the earth.

Religion: Students have been discussing what it means to be a good steward.  We read parts of Genesis and discussed what we must do to take care of God’s gift of this earth.  We made an Earth Day poster and wrote down little changes in our lives that will make profound differences now and in the future.

Literacy: Students began reading their new literacy books, focused on the setting and character traits, and have been learning new vocabulary.

Spelling: Unit 26: regular and irregular plurals, no bonus words this week


Spanish: 5th graders worked with me to plan the May 10th bilingual mass. Everyone has a part!  We also looked at a dialogue together. We are planning a review of the verb ser and the -ar verbs. We also have an activity where the students will look through magazines to find activities they can describe using the conjugated forms of -ar verbs.

Music: 5th: This week, students are learning and using the F and C7 chords on their ukuleles. They are practicing their strumming technique and reviewing time signatures.

Art: Fifth grade artists are making a series of polyhedrons.

Physical Education: 5th grade – Students had a great day riding bikes through the street scape and trail course! 


April 29th through May 17th– MAP testing for all grades 2 through 8 

May 2nd – Fun Run 

May 3rd – NO School Mass today 

May 6th  10th– Eighth graders in Washington D.C. 

May 8th  10th– Seventh graders in Portland, OR 

May 17th – May Crowning Mass 

May 17th – Jr. Ski to Sea Parade at 4 pm with the Root Beer and Brats fundraiser 

May 13th  18th– Missoula Children’s Theater for K-8