Newsletter for the Week of April 15, 2019

Happy Holy Week!


Many thanks go to Maddox’s mom, Mrs. Zebrowski, for making an awesome looking Fun Run bulletin board!

Let’s enjoy the weather with a picnic lunch!

Happy Birthday to Kieran!

Math: Multiplying fractions with whole numbers and with other fractions.  We drew models to understand what a fraction multiplied by a fraction looks like.  We compared fraction factors and products and we took a quiz on Friday.

Spelling: Unit 25: Suffixes.  Bonus words: economy, representative, Twelve Apostles, Resurrection, and Pentecost.

Literacy: Students are working on their final project for “A Wrinkle in Time,” “Old Yeller,” and “The Giver.”  As they finished their projects, they read and worked on their book reports of a famous Native, Asian, Hispanic, or Latino Americans.  Next week we will begin “Old Yeller,” (it’s so good, we’re going have another group read it), “The Secret Garden,” and “Where the Red Fern Grows.”

Religion: Students are working on their much anticipated ACRE test this week.  On Friday, we will have prayer in the garden and watch the seventh and sixth grade students do a live Stations of the Cross.

Science: We are in the second week of “What Plants Need to Grow.”  Some of them are not doing too well while other plants seem to be thriving.  We are finishing out Shadow Investigations to find out why shadows seem to grow when the earth rotates!

Writing: We are continuing out poetry unit with limericks.  Students are writing their own original pieces.  They are quite funny!

Grammar: Students are reviewing the proper use of sit vs. set, may vs. can, and quotations.

History: Students are reviewing the colonies and what eventually led up to the American settlers revolting against the British.  Something to do with tea…


Art: Some fifth grade artists are finishing a short film documentary about children’s art during the Holocaust. They will enter the Holocaust Museum’s art contest with their films. Others are making a series of polyhedrons.

Garden: Students went to the school garden to plot the garden bed.  Gardening + math.

Phys. Ed.: Students in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th will participate in a fun and educational workshop on bicycling. Students will learn about bike safety and will practice bicycle skills during their PE class on April 25th. Students can bring their own bike and helmet or use one of the loaners. If your child cannot bring their bike but can bring their helmet, we can make sure it’s properly fitted.


5th: This week, students are learning all about chords in music and how they are constructed. They are working on strumming techniques using a pick, and playing their first chords on their ukuleles.

A letter from Mr. Frederick-

I will be conducting Mozart’s Coronation Mass with orchestra and soloists (WWU voice professors), along with other beautiful sacred choral works. Please feel free to share on your social media, send via e-mail, and invite those who you know would love to experience some great choral music with a professional choir and orchestra.

I think it would also be great to invite your students and their parents to attend. It’s a great opportunity for students to experience a live orchestra with a professional choir—plus they get to see me conduct outside of school and weekend Mass! 🙂 

Thanks so much!


The dates are:

MAY 18 7:30 pm
MAY 19 4:00 pm
Church of the Assumption
2116 Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham


The Week Ahead:

HOLY WEEK BEGINS- Palm Sunday on April 14th

Holy Thursday, April 18th

Good Friday, April 19th

Passion Play in the church at 10:30 am 

Early Release 11:45 am