Newsletter for the Week of April 8, 2019

Eggstra Safe Cars Engineering. No eggs were harmed in this experiment!
Rainy day recess
Fun with geometry!
Rainy Day Recess.
Building Lego creations is always fun!

I hope that you all had a wonderful spring break!

Math: Students are working on Unit 7: multiplying fractions

Spelling: unit 23: commonly confused terms

Writing/ELA: limericks and adverbs

Literacy: Students are finishing “Old Yeller,” “A Wrinkle in Time,” and “The Giver.” Next week we will begin reading “Where the Red Fern Grows,” “Old Yeller” (again), and “The Secret Garden.”  “Where the Red Fern Grows” is pretty intense as it has some graphic scenes.  If you have any reservations about your child reading this book, please email me this weekend.  It is fiction.

Religion: Students have been studying for the ACRE test and discussing the value of Non-violent Communication.  We are postponing the ACRE test.  We’ll do it next week since some of the students were gone this week.  Prayers for good health for all!

Science: We are doing two unrelated experiments on plants and shadows.

Get a protractor, your favorite Lego figure, a ruler, a flashlight, and a pencil! We’re finding out about angles, light, and shadows!
What do plants need most? Do they need sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, soil, or TLC? We’ll find out in two more weeks! Who will survive??!!

History: We are reading about the South and slavery.


Spanish: 5th graders worked on numbers to 1000 and conjugated verbs.

Music: This week, students are reviewing ukulele concepts and classroom instrument procedures. They are familiarizing themselves with using their left hand to press on the frets of the instrument to change the sounds of the strings, reading TAB notation, and playing though “mystery songs”.

Art: The fifth grade artists are finishing a short film documentary about children’s art during the Holocaust. Those who have completed their film are making polyhedrons.

Physical Education: In Physical Education students will continue skating in the inline hockey unit. They will practice manipulating a ball with the stick and passing to others with a defender. SLE  3 An effective communicator who demonstrates growth in self-confidence and encourages confidence in others.


April 16th – 18th– Sixth graders at Camp Hamilton 

April 19th, Good Friday– Prayer in the Garden at 10 am in the gym; Passion Play at 10:30 am in the church 

April 22nd REMEMBER there will be school on Easter Monday this year! 

April 29th through May 17th– MAP testing for all grades 2 through 8 

May 2nd– Fun Run 

May 6th-10th– Eighth graders in Washington D.C. 

May 8th-10th– Seventh graders in Portland, OR 

May 13th-18th– Missoula Children’s Theater for K-8