Newsletter for the Week of March 25, 2019


I hope and pray that all of you have a wonderful spring break!  Have safe travels and lots of fun!

Math: 5th graders finished the Chapter 6 fractions unit.  We will begin Ch. 7 when they return from spring break.

Religion/Writing: Students wrote from the perspective of various people who witnessed Jesus’ persecution or crucifixion.  What an amazing job of reading the Bible and interpreting what may have been going through the minds of various people!

Students read about the Triduum and Holy Week.  We had Catholic Relief Service Rice Bowl lessons about families in Guatemala and Uganda.

In Social-Emotional Learning, we are continuing our work with non-violent communication with a focus on the five basic needs of all humans: power, fun, connection and belonging, safety, and freedom.

Students should study the ACRE test notes while they are on spring break.  Their ACRE test will be held during the week they return from spring break.

Science: Students did the last trial of their “Eggstra” Safe Cars.  The process was to create a blueprint, design a car that would safely drive an egg down ramp, and make modifications so that the last trial would be safest for the egg.   Students who were not able to complete this experiment can remake their cars over spring break.

Literacy: Students are continuing their literacy work in answering literal and inferential questions about their nightly readings.  We focused on the main idea of each paragraph.

Most students are done with their women’s history oral reports.  What a great job they’ve done teaching each other and me about famous women and their accomplishments!

Students went to the library to choose books for their next book report.  They will be reading about a famous Asian-American, Native-American, Hispanic-American, or Latino-American person.  Their next book report is due on  April 30.  It can be in the form of a rainbow report, a biography fold out figure, or a timeline.

Social Studies: Students are having a quiz on European explorers and their interactions with first peoples.


5th Grade: The fifth grade artists are making a short film documentary about children’s art during the Holocaust.

5th Grade: This week, students are learning how to read ukulele open string notes on a music staff, and playing songs as a class using the open strings. They are also exploring tablature notation and working with partners to figure out mystery songs.

Spanish: The older kids worked on grammar and their video projects.

Fifth grade – In Physical Education students will continue skating in the inline hockey unit. They will practice manipulating a ball with the stick. SLE  3 An effective communicator who demonstrates growth in self-confidence and encourages confidence in others.

Students are to be active 60 minutes a day for good health. They will be tested on their fitness level beginning the end of April! Mile run, curl-ups, push-ups, flexibility.  SLE 2 An engaged active life-long learner who is and independent, self-motivated learner



March 29th – Film: “Pope Francis: A Man of His Word” will be shown in the school gym at 7 pm during Lenten Soup Suppers

April 1st through April 5th– No school. Spring Break.

April 10th– Parent Teacher Club General Meeting