Newsletter for the Week of February 25, 2019

This week we are studying:

Math: Students took their Chapter 5 test and are starting Chapter 6 on fractions

Spelling: Unit 19 Consonant changes.  Bonus words: propaganda, their, bibliography, totalitarian, Liturgy of the Eucharist

Writing: Students have turned in their final drafts of the Holocaust paper.  They will be starting their business letters.

ELA: Students are reviewing basic grammar with Daily Oral Language, playing a game of complete subjects and predicates, and another game of complete subjects and complete predicates.

Social Studies: Students and guests listened to Mrs. Noemi Ban tell what happened to her and her family during the Holocaust.  Students presented their book reports on famous African-American people who had profound impacts on our nation.

Literacy: Students are continuing their readings in The Giver, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH and A Wrinkle in Time.

Religion: Social-Emotional Learning with Ms. Fuller.  Students began Ch. 10 in “Blest Are We” and learned about the Blessed Sacrament.  We went to the chapel in the church and learned about the tabernacle and the sanctuary lamp.

Cooking Class: Students cooked Borscht.  They learned about the health benefits of certain types of foods, they cut the fresh vegetables, spiced their soup, and ate it!  Your children love fresh veggies!

Science: Students are working on Mt. Ugly.  Their goal is to get a crucifix to stand atop Mt. Ugly only using simple machines: pulley, lever, wheel & axle, inclined plane, wedge, and screw.  (They are also using some glue).    They are learning how to work in cooperative groups and learning how to use simple machines.


March 2: Growing Great Kids Auction.  I hear the 5th grade glass art is fabulous!  Hint…hint…  Thanks again to Mrs. Zebrowski for arranging the field trip for the 5th graders who made beautiful glass art.

March 6: Ash Wednesday 10:30 a.m. mass

March 7: 5th grade field trip to Mindport Exhibits (Thank you to Mr. Lockhart, Mr. Viggers, and Mrs. Milligan for chaperoning!)

March 9: School/Garden Party 9 a.m. – 12

March 9: State Archery Tournament

March 12-14 Accreditation Visit

March 15: NO SCHOOL

March 20: Early release dismissal 11:45.  Field trip to Mt. Baker Theater to see “Recycle Percussion”  (Thank you to Mr. Lockhart and Mrs. Pacheco- Rodriguez for chaperoning)

Blown Glass Spheres for the Auction. Your children are glass artists!
Mt. Ugly
Simple Machines Unit
Aidan working with a pulley
Simple Machines Unit: Maddox and Nature working with an inclined plane.
Simple Machines Unit, Cooperative work with Cooper, Rhys, and Sophia
Simple Machines Unit: pulleys and counterweights

Simple Machines Unit: Jack and Ava working together

Simple Machines Unit: Ava is using clothespins to create a platform.  Clever problem solving

Newsletter for the Week of February 19, 2019

Snow days are over!  Welcome back!

Math: We are finishing Chapter 5: Division with Decimals

Social Studies: Mrs. Ban will be here on 2/26 in the library at 12:00.  If you would like to join us, please do.  Those who were not able to make it for the Multicultural-History Fair had a chance to do their presentations on Walls and Borders.

Science: We finished our solar unit by watching a National Geographic video about the Sun.  Students enjoyed the video so much that they asked me to email them a link.  They should have an understanding of the Sun’s gravitational pull and why planets stay within the solar system.

We began our new unit on Simple Machines: lever, wheel and axle, inclined plane, pulley, screw, and wedge.  Firefighter Blas brought his tools to show how each one is used in the fire department so that students could see real life examples.  You will see a picture of him using his axe to break open a door, but no door was actually harmed in this demonstration.

Literacy: Students are making predictions, listing character traits, making connections between the books they are reading and the books they’ve already read, discussing the author’s purpose, understanding the importance of the setting and its context within a story, and of course, answering inferential and literal questions.

Students are reading and doing book reports about famous African-Americans.

Religion: Students have finished Chapter 9 and they briefly practiced for the mass of the Chair of St. Peter that they are leading on Friday.  Students are working on ACRE vocabulary.  The ACRE test is a national test that all Catholic school 5th grade and 8th grade students take.

Social-Emotional Learning with Ms. Fuller, school counselor (religion): Students related their feelings to the five basic needs of all humans: fun, safety, belonging and connections, power, and freedom.  They each had a chance to relay how they feel when they are in a situation where they have a sense of belonging with others.

Writing: Students are editing and revising their Holocaust papers to turn in their final drafts.  They wrote examples of how they can live out the Schoolwide Learning Expectations.


5th Grade: This week in music class, students are learning about and singing African American spirituals to celebrate Black History Month. They are also learning about musical syncopation, and will be exploring the concept by playing an arrangement of classroom instruments.

Physical Education: Students are learning how to play volleyball.

Spanish: Fifth Grade reviewed adjectives, and looked at the irregular verb “ser”. They are really doing a great job.

Art: 5th Grade: The fifth graders are learning about children’s art done from concentration camps.


Saturday, February 23rd 

  • Knights of Columbus fundraiser at Applebee’s to support ACS, 9 am to 11 am 

Monday, February 25th 

  • Seventh grade bake sale for Hope House- morning recess only 
  • Pizza Lunch today 

Tuesday, February 19th 

  • Seventh grade bake sale for Hope House- morning recess and lunch 

Wednesday, February 26th 

  • Hot Lunch today 

Friday, March 1st 

  • School Mass today- 4th grade 

Saturday, March 2nd 

  • Growing Great Kids Auction starting at 5:30 pm! 

March 9th– Garden Party/Work Party from 9 am to 12 pm.  Come one, come all!

Simple Machines:
What is it called?
What is its function?
Simple Machines Unit:
Simple Machines Unit:
Lever & Wedge
FF Blas showing how to open a locked door with an axe (as a lever & wedge). Do NOT try this at home!
Simple Machines Unit:
How a pulley works

Newsletter for the Week of January 28, 2019 

Catholic Schools Week was lots of fun!  We celebrated with assemblies, a movie, costumes, and food.  I want to thank you for the beautiful cards, chai tea (my absolute favorite drink in the world), the origami claws (so cool), and the chocolates.  You really know how to treat a teacher!!! 

I want to thank Mrs. Zebrowski, Maddox’s mom, for bringing in the blown glass balls to show the students.  They were able to take another look at the beautiful art they made at the Gossamer Glass Studio.  The glass balls will be sold at the school auction.  (Hint, hint…) 


What’s up? 

Math: Chapter 5: Students are dividing with decimals. 

Spelling: Students studied Unit 17 Consonant sounds /k/, /s/ spelled with ch, ce, c, ck, and s. 

Writing: We are continuing our work on the Holocaust research paper.  It is taking a very long time because students are researching and answering many questions as they write.  Some will need to take home their Holocaust folders this weekend and finish paragraph 3.  If they need help with it, please have them email me rather than helping them.  I can edit it on Monday. is a great resource but it is not written for fifth graders.  The wording can be complex.  If your child wants to use it for research purposes, please be aware of the images.   

On February 4, Mrs. Noemi Ban will be here to give a talk on her experiences during the Holocaust.  Please come if you are able.  It will be in the library at 12:30. 

Social Studies: Students are working very hard on their research and presentations for the Multicultural-History Fair that will be on February 10.  That is a Sunday!  Students are doing research and building or designing digital or 3-D models of various famous or infamous walls or borders in the world.  The main idea is to find out why we need and/or want borders. 

Science: Students have made the most amazing posters of well-known constellations.  They are studying the meaning of magnitude (brightness), luminosity (energy emitted from stars), and distance in light years.  They are also explaining the Greek myths associated with these constellations.  Fun! 

Literacy:  Students have finished or are nearly finished with their independent Holocaust research book.  That book is read for the 4th paragraph of the Holocaust research paper.  Next week we will begin new reading groups with the books “A Wrinkle in Time,” “The Giver,” and “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH” also titled, “The Rats of NIMH.”   

Religion: Students studied Chapter 9 “God’s Word Feeds Us.”  We will continue studying from that chapter next week.  Ms. Fuller, the school counselor, facilitated the second class on a series about social-emotional learning.  She facilitated a game in which students were to pass a “ball” to one another.  At the end of this exercise, we discussed how that went.  The purpose of the exercise was to learn how to express one’s feelings in a non-confrontational and non-judgmental way.   


Spanish: Fifth graders learned to conjugate -ar verbs!! I am so proud of them. They made sentences and worked on verb conjugation worksheets. They were impressed that one of the worksheets was from a college-level class.  


Music: 5th Grade: This week, students are reviewing Solfege syllables mi, sol and la and finding them on a music staff and in songs. They are practicing singing mi, sol and la in a variety of pitches and practicing sight singing melodies made up of these intervals. 

Art: The fifth graders are learning about children’s art done from concentration camps.  

Phys. Ed.: Fifth grade – In physical education students are continuing rhythm and dance, learning O Suzanna.  

  1. An effective communicator who: encourages confidence in others