Newsletter for the Week of December 3, 2018

What’s up?

Math: Students are continuing their work with decimals by adding, subtracting, rounding, and using benchmarks to estimate.

Writing/Grammar: Students continued to work on writing a strong conclusion and reviewing pronouns.

Religion: Students are studying what it means to be in a state of waiting during the Advent season.  We are decorating our Jesse tree and learning about the symbols on the ornaments of the Jesse tree.

Science: Students have finished presenting their food webs.  Soon students will be working in groups to research what would happen if an invasive species invaded their food web!

Literacy: Students are discussing the settings of their new literacy circle books.  They are answering literal and inferential questions from their readings.  Please see the web page for information on their independent book reports.


Social Studies: Students are studying Native American tribes: the Makah, the Mississippians, the Creek, the Anasazi, and Iroquois.



Music: 4th-5th grade: This week in music class students are preparing songs for the Christmas Program. Students are performing in groups for each other to learn how to evaluate a musical performance, and give constructive feedback (SLE: A person of integrity who treats all people with dignity).

Spanish: K-5 continued their unit on house words, drawing and labeling their dream homes. Each grade had to label a different number of words so that it was age appropriate. Then we did “mini-libritos” or mini-books on the Posadas. 5th grade has an additional lesson on creating their own seek-a-word or cross word puzzle based on the adjectives we have already learned.

Physical Education:  4th through -8th grade – In physical education final Fitness testing for the semester will begin next week.  SLE 2 A Life- long learner sets and works toward personal goal.


Upcoming Calendar Items: 

December 7th– Multicultural Principal’s Coffee 8:30 am in the library

December 14th– Preschool Christmas (LMC) at 11 am

Christmas Program at 7 pm. Doors open at 6:30 pm for seating. NOTE: There will be no reception in the gym after the Christmas Program this year due to limited volunteers in previous years.

December 17th through January 1st– No School for Christmas Break; return on Wednesday, January 2nd

January 9th– PTC General Meeting at 7 pm in the gym. Officer Eric Osterkamp will be here to discuss emergency preparedness for the school and surrounding areas.

Spelling Words for the Week of December 3, 2018

  1. inform
  2. ornament
  3. disappear
  4. pioneer
  5. important
  6. warmth
  7. serious
  8. forever
  9. reward
  10. appear
  11. perform
  12. force
  13. peer
  14. weary
  15. pier
  16. fortune
  17. career
  18. pierce
  19. formal
  20. enormous

bonus words

  1. the Canticle of Zechariah: a prayer that Zechariah prayed when his son was born
  2. salvation: the forgiveness of sins and the restoration of friendship with God
  3. sanctuary: a consecrated (sacred) place giving protection to those fleeing persecution
  4. prophet: a person enlightened by God to foretell events
  5. Iroquois: a Native-American nation, People of the Longhouse