Picture Gallery

Aidan and Garrett added water (liquid) to dry ice (solid) to form a gas (gas).
Fifth graders make their own little food chain to the Hope House shack once a week. I HOPE that students continue to do chores around the house to earn food for our neighbors.
Hope House Shack. Matthew 25:35
Gases were formed in the lava lamp after Cooper added the various substances. See the gases floating to the top.
Cooper is making a homemade lava lamp mixing water, oil, glow stick fluid, and food coloring together to create a new substance of liquids and gases.
Mary and Estela are mixing substances together to create a new substance- SLIME!
Jack is proving that a solid (Mentos) and a liquid (Coke) mixed together can result in a gas (Coke ‘volcano’).
Dr. Aidan and Dr. Garrett are scientists testing out the theory that matter cannot be created nor destroyed. Then where did the dry ice go? Poof! Gas!
Magnetism, north and south poles, attract & repel
Gravitational pull poster