Classwork and Homework February 10-14, 2020


February 10-14, 2020

SLE: An engaged, active, life-long learner works collaboratively.


Read 250 pages (read a half hour to forty-five minutes each day)

Beginning of alphabet (Evie to Colby) discuss

End of alphabet (David N. to Joe) write a letter ({friendly letter format} if you are still reading the book), or make a poster (if you are finished with the book) about the book you are reading (due Friday)

Read Aloud: The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay

Literature Circle groups meet this week…be ready!

Silent reading


Language Arts:

Vocabulary: Test on Lesson 10 Thursday, February 13

Tuesday: cooking

Wednesday: Latin 10 C&D (plus study sheet or flash cards if your last test was not an A or A-)

Thursday: Latin 10 Test

Friday: no school






English Grammar:

Tuesday: cooking

Wednesday: More subject-verb agreement

Thursday: Verbs in inverted-interrupted order

Friday: no school



            Bible Verses: Two required this week

                        Monday: Mark 6: 53-56

                        Tuesday: Mark 7: 1-13

                        Wednesday: Mark 7: 14-23

                        Thursday: Mark 7: 24-30


Catechism: One required:

In YouCat Question 204 (pages 121-122)


            In class:         Early Church and Sacraments

ACRE vocabulary


                        Social Studies:

Current Events: One national and one internationalrequired this week

PBL research and project

Biography interviews (Fifty Biography due date April 24)

Due date for interview evidence: 3/6

Due date for primary documents and images: 4/2