Dear Parents,

We celebrated a wonderful Grandparents Day today with a packed house! It was nice to meet so many grandparents and to honor the role they play in your childrens’ formation.

One thing mentioned during Grandparents Day was the fact that we want to graduate students who are global citizens. We worked toward that end this week as we started our focus on civics in social studies class. We learned about John Locke’s theory of natural rights (the right to life, liberty, and property) and discussed what it might be like to live in a state of nature (without laws or government). The kids quickly reasoned that while that might be fun at first, it would quickly lead to chaos and destruction. We learned that we need social contracts – agreements humans make to live under a government and to give that government the power to make laws – so that we can protect our natural rights. The kids are enjoying this unit so far.

Speaking of global citizenship, we will have our Human Food Chain the Monday we return from Thanksgiving break. We have not received many food items, so please consider this over break and send in what you can. As the weather turns cold, the lines for Hope House’s food pantry are growing longer.

In literature we continued learning about characters and how they change during a novel. We completed some activities that asked us to talk about the changes in dynamic characters and to prove our answers by citing evidence from the text. Most kids are growing stronger at citing text evidence, and this makes their written and verbal responses more robust.

We spent most of our time in religion class working on writing the script to the Nativity play. We divided it into eight different scenes, then had groups write the details for the individual scenes. When we return from break, we will read through the play to be sure there is continuity. We will also start making our props. I haven’t received any large appliance boxes for the props, so if Santa is particularly good to you and comes with an early appliance, please send the box our way!

Fr. Moore continued his lessons on morality this week. He will be moving into some topics that involve human sexuality and has provided a letter to explain what this unit will entail. Please find the letter attached to this email.

I am also attaching two consent letters from Seattle Pacific University explaining about Christopher Merrifield’s video observations. He will be completing his first lesson video the week we return from break. As is stated in the letters, this video is viewed only by his supervisor and is not posted online. More complete details are provided in the letters attached.

I will see you at conferences on Monday and Tuesday. Please be sure to bring your child, as he/she will be leading the conference.

Have a great Thanksgiving break!


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