Dear Parents, 

This was a short week for us made even shorter by our work at the WeGrow Garden. We prepared beds, harvested beans, peas, apples, and tomatoes, composted sunflowers and other waning plants, and tended to the irrigation system. Thank you to Patty P. for walking with us and helping us in our important work to feed the hungry. Next week we will walk our Kindergarten buddies to the garden to give them a tour and to paint some mini pumpkins we recently harvested. Please note that Patty P. cannot make the October 23rd date on the Signup Genius. I couldn’t remove her name, so if you are willing to take her place, please add your name to the signup. Thanks!

The kids were given an explanation of the culminating project for the novel The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. They will each make a book trailer for the novel. They will be given some class time to work on these and will present them on Thursday of next week. If they feel inspired, they may wish to use some weekend time to take some video to add to their trailers.

The essay that the kids have been working on the past few weeks is due on Monday. They should print it and bring it in to me. If your printer does not work at home, please have them email it to me. I will grade these and then give them back to the kids so that they can make revisions before sending them in to either the VFW or Maryknoll organizations.

In religion we finished our chapter about how the Church is apostolic. We completed a chapter review and then tested our knowledge. Fr. Moore came in this week to continue his lessons on morality. He spoke today about the Ten Commandments, asking the kids who these were meant for – only Jews and Christians or all humans. Ask your child what he/she thinks this weekend.

In history, we finished learning about the colonies and then compared similarities and differences between the three different colonial regions. The biggest similarities were that each colony had religious freedom (or at least tolerance) and representation in government as their important desires. The essential question for this unit is “Why do people move?” and these desires of tolerance and representation, along with the need for elbow room (land/resources), are central to answering this question. The kids put the main descriptors, including advantages and disadvantages of living in each colony on a class bulletin board. They will complete a quest next week that asks them to use their knowledge to decide which colony they would choose to settle in.

Please check FACTS this weekend with your child so that missing assignments and low grades can be corrected. Also, please remind your child to send in a reading log on Monday and to start working on one of two book reports due on the last day of the month. 

Have a great weekend,


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