Dear Parents,

In language arts this week we focused on essay writing to prepare for the VFW and Maryknoll Missionary essay-writing contests. Last week we had gone over the theme for each and also the requirements. The kids were given a choice of writing to either one prompt or the other. We reviewed the structure of an essay and how it should include a hook, some background, and a thesis statement. Most kids didn’t know that a thesis statement is a bit like the topic sentence in a paragraph – it lets the reader know what the main points (paragraphs) of the essay will be about. We practiced thesis statements and also reviewed topic and closing sentences. I told the kids that I will be grading their essays for writing style, clarity, and mechanics (grammar and other conventions). I will not be able to give them feedback about what they might want to add or take out, but I can provide them with a general grade for their writing based upon the rubric I gave them. They will have early next week to finish these before doing some peer review, some revisions, and then turning them in to me for a grade. Once I have graded the essays, they can be submitted according to the contest guidelines.

We finished our novel The True Adventures of Charlotte Doyle. It was full of twists and turns and many of the exciting events at the end could be interpreted in different ways. This led to some lively discussions. We will review the plot structure of the novel next week before assessing their understanding of that.

In religion we finished learning about how our Church is apostolic. The kids will complete a chapter review by Wednesday of next week before taking their first chapter test that day. As with all work, including tests, kids who wish to retake or make corrections may do so, they need only ask.

Next Monday we go to the WeGrow Garden from 12:30 – 2:00. Please see the SignUp Genius if you would like to come along. We’ve had rain the past two weeks, but we have been having so much fun in the garden that we hardly notice. Please remember that your child may wear casual dress for their work in the garden on Monday.

We have learned about the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies and their search for participation in choosing their government (representation). We learned about the differences between a proprietary colony and a royal colony, about free enterprise and cash crops, and about the Quakers’ belief that all people are equal in God’s eyes. All these ideas are setting us up to learn about what our forefathers looked for when making a new government for this new nation.

Please sit with your child this weekend and look on FACTS. All grading should be in and updated. Don’t forget to have your child fill out and return a reading log on Monday. This is registered in the gradebook and does affect grades. Also, please remember that there is a two-week window in which to re-do or turn in late work (20% deduction for being late). Beyond that, your child will receive a zero.

Here are some notes from your child’s other teachers:

Spanish – Una nota de Señora Anna- This week in Spanish we checked our knowledge with a quiz on La Gloria (Glory Be) prayer and a quiz on verb translations and conjugations. Students will be able to do quiz corrections during lunch/recess Monday and Tuesday of next week. Then, we began a unit on comida (food) by learning important vocabulary.

Band – “This week in band, we reinforced articulation with our first five notes. We also explored different styles of music our instruments are capable of playing. Finally, we had our first official playing test of the school year from our Measures of Success Book. Beginning next week, we will begin working on our music for the Christmas Program!

PE – 6-8 learned about the 5 components of fitness and participated in the Fall Fitness Gram that included the mile run, curl-ups, push-ups and sit and reach.  

Have a great weekend,


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