Hi Parents,

Sorry for the tardiness of this letter. No excuses.

This week is filled with activities leading up to Christmas. On Monday we will be going from the carpool loop directly into the church for a short Advent prayer service. The service starts promptly at 8:05, so be sure you plan on leaving a bit early for school tomorrow.

We are nearly ready for our Christmas play. The kids have planned, written, produced, and are now directing their scene of the play. We will have two practice sessions in the church before our dress rehearsal with the entire school on Thursday. As you know, the play will be presented to families on Thursday, December 15th at 7PM in the church. Because we have such a big role in the program, I would like eighth graders to be in the classroom no later than 7:30. I will be there as early as 7:15. We will need to get into our costumes, have a prop check, go over scripts one more time, and take a moment to pray together before heading over to the church. Please remember that your child should wear nice jeans (no holes/rips) or navy school pants, and a black long-sleeved shirt (begged or borrowed, but not stolen).

In literature class we read a short story by Truman Capote called “A Christmas Memory”. We studied Capote’s style of writing which evokes imagery by using sensory details. We talked about how he “shows” a story rather than tells it. Truman Capote does a very good job of drawing out emotions from the reader, and I found myself in tears a couple of times while reading the story aloud to the class. I introduced our writing project this week which will be to write about a Christmas memory of our own using the same style of writing. We will have time to write, peer review, revise and edit this story before break.

I reminded the kids that their book log is due tomorrow and only one book report will be required of them by Friday. Friday is a half day before break.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,



Dear Parents, 

We have weathered the storm with all the sickness going around. The kids are mostly back and have been working hard each day on the Nativity play and Advent service, so I really appreciate it when those who aren’t feeling wear a mask – this will keep us all in school and able to participate. On Monday (December 5), we have the honor of presenting a short Advent service to the entire school. The service starts promptly at 8:05, so drop off your eighth grader at the church no later than 7:50 so that we can get in our positions and be ready. We will be presenting the Jesse Tree. The service will last no more than 10-15 minutes, so please come, if you are able. 

The Nativity play script has been researched and written, a storyboard was made to keep us organized, roles have been cast, and props made. We will now focus on blocking and acting out this special play, which will be presented on Thursday, December 15th at 7PM. I will send more details about what time your child needs to be at the church that day as we get closer. 

We had to be creative to be able to include all twenty-five kids in the play in some way, so we have many scenes where kids are “acting” (holding) as trees, animals, stars, etc. In order to blend in with the background and so that the props stand out, the kids should dress in nice jeans (no holes or rips) and a black long-sleeved shirt. Shirts with logos work, but the shirt will need to be turned inside out and the tag cut off. We don’t want anyone burdened with buying clothing (hence the jeans – which everyone has), so please borrow what you need.

I told the kids that they will have only one book report due in December, but it must be turned in by December 16th (the last school day of the month). Please remind them about this and also about the reading log due on Monday. 

Other upcoming:

Thursday, December 8th – Feast of the Immaculate Conception 12:30 in church – dress uniform

Friday, December 9th – Regular uniform (we will still go to Mass, but it will not be all-school)

Thanks, and have a great, warm weekend! Pray for good health!


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