Dear Parents,

Happy Veterans Day! It was so good to meet you all at conferences last week. I hope you learned about your child and his/her learning strengths and areas for growth in academics and in social and behavior areas. The most important outcome of conferences is that your child be able to understand him or herself as a learner and set learning goals. Hopefully, conversations you have at home will help with this. Continued monitoring of FACTS will also help.

We are wrapping up our study of verbs in language arts and have learned about transitive and intransitive verbs and about direct and indirect objects. We will study the active and the passive voice next week before taking our verbs test. We continue to work on Latin roots and affixes to expand our vocabulary.

We are almost finished reading our novels, all of which focus on the Salem witch trials. We will finish these next week and have just enough time for each group to create a final presentation to the class about their novel before Thanksgiving break. While reading in our literature groups, we have focused on characterization and point of view. We studied protagonists and antagonists, dynamic and static characters, and the importance of minor characters in a novel.

We have begun our study of the Revolutionary Era. We began with a study of the causes and effects of the French and Indian War. We then studied the growing unrest of the colonists as Britain tightened its grip through laws and taxation. We will begin our class timeline to display the most important events that led from early colonization to this revolutionary period next week. In order to prepare for the type of studying the kids will be asked to do in high school, they will be reading a social studies lesson (or half of a longer lesson) and taking notes for homework. We will then discuss the lesson’s main takeaways and enduring ideas. This will not only help cement their understanding of history, but it will also teach them effective note-taking skills.

In religion we are learning about how the Catholic Church is catholic. We learned about how Saul (Paul) persecuted early believers in Christ until he heard the voice of Jesus and converted. We also learned how early Jewish believers in Christ (including Peter and Paul) did not want to allow Gentiles into the faith until they had first converted and followed Jewish law (Mosaic Law). The kids had fun looking at some of the Mosaic Laws found in Leviticus. Peter was guided by the Holy Spirit to baptize Cornelius, a Gentile, and this defined the catholic nature of our faith – that God shows no partiality and is for all who fear (believe in and revere) him and do what is right. This brought up many questions about salvation among the kids, the biggest being: Is faith enough, or do we also need to do works to be saved? We are waiting until Fr. Moore is back with us to dive into this question more deeply.

Speaking of works, our annual food drive is here. As we do every year, the kids will be collecting food to fill the Hope House stock. These items will then be sorted and given out to those in need in time for Thanksgiving. We will be having our prayer service and “Human Food Chain” to deliver the food items to Hope House on November 21st in the church. Please send in food items (see list below) next week.

Have a great, long weekend!


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