Dear Parents,

We have been working hard to finish up a few things to share with you at conferences next week. The kids will be doing some self-reflection early next week about each of their subject areas and will be leading their conference. They will have some work samples to share with you and will set some goals for themselves based upon what we discuss. If you have not yet signed up for a conference slot, please do so this weekend. I will attach a Parent Conference Planning Sheet to this email. Please take a moment to fill it out and email it back to me (or send a hard copy with your child) before Wednesday so that I can prepare for our time together.

We spent a lot of time this week going over the Charlotte Doyle essays the kids wrote last week. I retaught the structure of an essay along with how to write a simple paragraph (the building blocks of an essay) using topic and closing sentences. Many kids chose to re-write their essay based upon the re-teaching and the notes I wrote directly on the essays.

The kids started their Salem witch trial books and completed a variety of literature tasks associated with these books. They also learned about characterization and point of view and analyzed these two concepts in their books so far. I gave many reminders that two book reports for the month of October are due on Monday, the last school day of the month. They should be working to finish those this weekend. I ask the students for substantive work (as described on the Outside Reading Requirements sheet found on the 8th grade page under Resources) so they should not be surprised if they receive only half credit and are asked to re-do for more points. Please remind them that a reading log is due on Monday as well.

In religion, we planned for our All Saints Day liturgy to be held Tuesday, November 1st at 12:30PM. The kids will be processing in with their kindergarten buddies. Kinder buddies will be dressed as saints, and eighth-grade buddies will carry signs with each saint’s name, feast day, symbol, and patronage. Please come and attend with us, if you are able. At Friday’s Mass, the priest spoke about how Jesus is the cornerstone on which we build our faith. I was excited, as this is the exact topic of one of our religion lessons this past week. I taught the song “Cornerstone” by Leon Patillo at the end of that lesson and it kept circulating in my head for the rest of Mass. I got a few glances from the kids as Father started talking about Jesus as the cornerstone, so I know they took the lesson to heart.

We completed our Virtus lesson on Monday. This lesson was about how to be a safe friend. It talked about how to recognize people who are not safe friends, such as those that ask you to do things that are not right or are immoral, or those that may be grooming you to accept more and more inappropriate behavior. The kids showed good understanding of the concepts taught, although I hope they never encounter these situations in their lives.

In social studies, we took our first topic (chapter) test about early colonization. We are not quite finished with the test and will complete it on Monday, if we can squeeze it in around all the Halloween activities that day. We will be meeting to decorate pumpkins with our kinder buddies, so if you have any craft-type decorations to donate for this (sequins, feathers, stickers, etc.), please send them in with your child. We will have some items, but the more diverse and plentiful, the better.

I hope to see many of you at either the 8 or 10 Mass this weekend for coffee hour. This is yet another fund-raising event for our Washington, D.C. trip. Your child should come dressed in some type of ACS swag so that they are easily recognizable.


Monday – Orange and Black Day – kids come dressed in these colors

Tuesday – All Saints’ Day Mass at 12:30, dress uniform

Thursday – Early dismissal – conferences (see schedule to sign up)

Friday – No school – conferences (see schedule to sign up)

Have a great weekend!


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