May 20

Dear Parents,

The Legacy Project writing is finished! The kids had a sigh of relief as they turned in their autobiographies today. I asked them about the writing for this project, and they all said that it seemed daunting at first, but that it was doable. They have become such strong writers over the course of the year and it has been fun for me to hear their stories through the Legacy Project. They still have a few things to do, such as the bibliography, gathering and labeling all their documents/photos, and then putting everything into their binders/albums. Several kids are nearly finished, with only a few items to add. Remember that the final album is due on Friday, May 27th. This is to be sure that your family can completely relax over Memorial Day weekend. You deserve it!

We have been learning about the Reconstruction period of American history. I have been trying out a couple of new social studies texts and will ask the kids for some feedback on the texts we have tried. We are nearly finished with everything we need to cover in eighth-grade history and will use the final week of school to summarize what we have learned.

While language arts time has been spent writing, literature time continues to be spent reading our dystopian novels. We will try to finish these by the first week of June so that we can complete a project related to the novels. This project will count as the one book report for the month of May. Because of the heavy focus on the Legacy Project and other end-of-year items, I did not assign a second book report this month. Daily reading is still important though, so please don’t forget to sign your child’s completed reading log and have them bring it in Monday morning.

The kids have been working on their final writing of the year – an essay about what their time here at Assumption Catholic School has meant to them. They have had several class periods to work on this and the final essay is due on Monday. Most have already finished but are merely taking time to look it over. It will be interesting to see if the Legacy Project has sparked in them a recognition of and appreciation for all that the school has given them. I can’t wait to read them!

Please take a moment to review the details about the retreat below that have been copied from a previous email:

Departure: Tuesday, May 24th around 8:15 (right after attendance)

Return: Wednesday, May 25th back to school by 3PM

Drivers/Chaperones: Shannon Zebrowski (4 kids), Rob Viggers (6 kids), Constantin Anton (4 kids)

Meal Coordinator: Rob Viggers (Please check in with him to see how you can help. He has a plan, but may need help in actualizing it.)

Packing List: sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush, pajamas, change of clothes (in case of wet weather), no cell phones

*I am still waiting on a couple of palanca letters. Please send those in to the office Monday morning.  

Please also check your emails from yesterday – we forwarded an email with details about graduation events that had been sent earlier. This email has lots of important information including dates and times of events.

Have a great, sunny weekend!


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