May 13

May 13, 2022

Dear Parents,

We celebrated a beautiful May Liturgy with a crowning of the Blessed Virgin. The kids showed great leadership in putting the Mass together and helped in all aspects of this special event. I will try to get ahold of the photo we took at the end of Mass and send it your way.

We have been doing a lot of writing this week and finished Friday with a peer-editing session for our Legacy Project autobiographies. We talked about how to transition from the biography portion of the project to this one, how to parallel the thesis statement from the biography, and how to ensure that we talk about either how our relative’s legacy affects us now, or how we are going to leave a legacy someday – just like they did. The final corrected and printed copy of these autobiographies is due next Friday, May 20th, along with their self-portraits. Although the Legacy Project Due Dates sheet doesn’t state it, the final day for turning in their completed albums/binders (their choice of style) will be Friday, May 27th. I chose that date specifically so that kids are not waiting until the bitter end and having to use their Memorial Day weekend to finish up. If you have not yet purchased a binder and plastic sleeves or a scrapbook-type album large enough to accommodate at least fifty pages (25 sheets X 2 sides each = 50 pages), please do so soon. One student asked this week if they need to read their Legacy Projects at graduation. The students will put their projects on display at tables in the gym for the reception after graduation, but they need not read them. They will share their projects with the younger grades on the last week of school, but again, they will not read them and will only share some interesting things they learned along the way.

The kids continue to enjoy their dystopian novel unit. They had complete choice over what novel they are reading, and this really helps. They’ve been working on their literature journals in which they write a summary of their reading each day along with completing an extended literature task of their choice. Again, they really love having some choice in what they do. Please be sure they are reading each night so that they keep up in their novels. We aim to finish these by the end of the month so that they can complete a project related to their novels. I am still recording the reading logs each Monday and will do so until the end of May, so please be sure you sign it on Sunday night and have them bring it to school Monday.

We have been learning a lot of in-depth information about the Civil War in history class. We are hoping to bring the war to an end on Monday and then to have just enough time in the last two weeks of school to learn about Reconstruction – the last of the units of required learning in eighth-grade history.

Father Moore continues to teach lessons about morality. He has covered some heavy topics: same-sex marriage, abortion, pre-marital sex, etc. I hope your kids are bringing these conversations home so that they are comfortable talking about them. This will really come in handy when they start facing some potentially tough or dangerous situations in high school. My Family Life lessons are much tamer (thank goodness!), and we are working our way through these lessons.

Our final MAP testing of the year will start next week. We test Tuesday and Thursday, so please avoid pulling your child out those mornings (we are usually done testing by 11:30). We skip testing the following week because of our retreat and complete our final tests the mornings of June 1 and 2.

We are still looking for two dads to be chaperones at the retreat May 24-25. If you can do this, please let me know as soon as possible. If you have not contacted Rob V. with your offers of help for food, please do that as well.

I have been telling the kids to check their grades in FACTS and complete any missed work or corrections. We are now in countdown mode, and I will now be taking only weekly missed work or corrections, not work from weeks or months past. If they would like me to make some type of exception to that, they should let me know Monday, or I will be sticking with weekly late work/corrections only. This is meant to allow me the time to focus on grading the large amount of writing and other work that is coming in now so that it is done by my grading deadline. I hope you understand.

Have a great weekend!


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