April 22, 2022

Dear Parents,

We had a great, sunny afternoon at the We Grow Garden on Wednesday. The kids did some planting, some garden bed preparation, and some weeding and composting. We will be going again next Wednesday and need a parent who is willing to go along with us. Ideally, we’d like a parent who can drive our two kids with leg injuries there and back again. If you are Safe Environment/Virtus trained and can join us on Wednesday from 1:15 until 2:45, please let me know.

The kids are feeling a bit of relief with the science projects wrapped up and the bulk of their ten-page Legacy Project biography done. They peer edited their papers today but are not quite finished with that. We will finish peer editing on Monday and they will have until Friday to turn in the final biography. This weekend would be a good opportunity for them to add some details, if they’re feeling a bit shy of the ten-page mark.

In history class, we have been learning about the Civil War and its causes (it wasn’t only about slavery) and will learn about the Emancipation Proclamation next week. In addition to our textbook, we have been using the American Battlefield Trust website to learn about the Civil War. It is filled with many more resources than we have time for, so if your child is interested in this topic, please encourage him/her to do some exploring of the site.

We spent our language arts time learning about different poetry forms so that we could write poems about our relatives to include in our Legacy Projects. Students will write one poem about their relative, and one about themselves. As noted on the due dates sheet, the poem about the relative is due on Friday, April 29th along with the final draft of the ten-page biography. The poem about the student will be due when the autobiography is due, Friday, May 20th. I will explain the autobiography in more detail after next Friday, but I want the focus to be on finishing the biography, first.

In literature class we are nearly finished with our Civil War novels. Some students, in fact, have started a second and even a third novel! Along the way, kids have been completing tasks related to their novel (they had some say in what these tasks were) and have also been learning about different literary elements like conflict, protagonist vs. antagonist, plot development, theme, etc. I will explain the culminating book report expectations on Monday and the kids will be given class time to complete it by Thursday, April 28th.

In religion, we had our Virtus lesson. The topic was “Boundaries: Feelings and Facts”. The kids seemed very knowledgeable about the topic and I am hopeful they will know what to do if they hear or are involved with any type of incorrect or inappropriate behavior. Practice, practice, practice so that if something happens, you respond in a way that is helpful (just like a fire drill!). Our ACRE test is coming up early next week. As you may recall, this is a test given by most Catholic archdioceses in the United States. It is given only to fifth and eighth graders. We will have one final review day on Monday before taking the test Tuesday.

You may have received a notice in the Wednesday parent letter that Tuesday is class picture day. Most students wear their dress uniforms this day, but eighth graders are allowed to wear appropriate free dress that day. Wednesday of next week is “Heart Health Day”. The kids should wear red that day.

Have a great, sunny weekend!







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