March 18, 2022

Dear Parents,

We are a couple weeks into Lent and the kids have been busy making Lenten ABC books for their buddies. This is a tradition here, and many kids have been fondly remembering their time with their eighth-grade buddies and the Lenten books they received from them. The kids built Leprechaun traps together on Tuesday, in hopes of catching one of those crafty little guys. Alas, not a one was caught, although there was a lot of evidence of the Leprechauns’ handiwork – overturned chairs, sparkles on the floor, traps that had been sprung. Eighth graders received thank-you cards from their buddies today for all the help and fun they put into the activity.

We finished reading “Romeo and Juliet” this week and watched the movie (the Leonardo DiCaprio version set in modern times). There are several other movie versions that the kids were interested in, but they’ll have to watch those on their own time. We learned about theme today and I set the kids a task of choosing one of the main themes of the play and writing an essay about it. I sent them the directions, rubric, and PowerPoint about theme that I presented today so that they can review it. We will be using part of our literature and language arts time next week to write the essay, although I told the kids that they may have to do a bit of work at home to finish the essay by Wednesday morning.

We have been learning about the things that led to the Civil War and assessed what they know about that today. We’ve been setting the stage so that the kids can do some independent research about the Civil War and then share their learning with one another. They will also be starting Civil War novels next week during literature class.

Please be sure to read the email I sent earlier today that includes dates for the eighth-grade retreat and graduation activities. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Have a great weekend!



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