January 21, 2022

Hi Parents,

We had a short week with the MLK holiday on Monday, then skiing on Tuesday. Nonetheless, we were able to squeeze in the first few lessons of our adverbs unit. We learned that adverbs modify verbs, adverbs, and adjectives (but never nouns). We learned that they answer the questions how, when, where, and to what extent (how much). We learned that the words how, when, where, and why are also adverbs. We will continue next week and then test our knowledge of adverbs as well as our ability to distinguish between adverbs and adjectives.

We continued reading our literature circle novels. Some groups are nearly done and will be given their choice of a culminating project to complete. Others are working hard to complete their novels and the accompanying packet by next Friday, January 28th (end of semester). As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, please be sure that your child works on the two book reports that are due no later than January 28th. I will not take them after that date as I have a grading deadline. Please also remember to look at and sign the reading log that is due each Monday. The kids know that late or unsigned reading logs will be marked down.

We had only one lesson in religion this week and are learning about the early Church and the distinction between the Church in the East and the Church in the West, especially as far as the Eucharistic Liturgy and how it was celebrated by each one. We will continue learning about this next week and then test in the new semester.

In social studies, we learned more about Thomas Jefferson and his ideas about government. We learned the difference in ideas between the Federalist and Democratic Republican (also called Republican) parties of government and realize that Federalist ideas align more with current Republicans, while Democratic Republican ideas align more with current Democrats. We learned about the Louisiana Purchase and how important this event was to our country’s size, resources, and power. Today we learned about the events and struggles leading up to the War of 1812 (which we will cover more in-depth next Monday).


  • Winter Ride – skiing next Tuesday (see Ms. McIntosh’s email with details)
  • All missing work/re-takes must be completed by next Friday, January 28th
  • Elective preference due next Friday, January 28th
  • MAP testing continues next week Wed – Fri; please avoid pulling kids out during testing
  • Two book reports due by next Friday
  • 9 service hours due by next Friday

Have a great weekend!



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