January 15, 2022

Dear Parents,

What crazy weather we’ve had – I don’t know whether to break out the spring wardrobe or put on an extra layer! Hopefully everything is set for our Tuesday “Winter Ride” program. Please be sure you re-read the details and expectations so that your child is ready for the program on Tuesday morning. We leave bright and early.

Our winter MAP testing starts Wednesday. We will spread out our testing a bit so that the kids have two shorter sessions, rather than one long one for each subject. Please be sure that your child gets a good night’s rest before each test, and also that he/she eats a healthy, hearty breakfast each morning.

We have been studying hard in language arts and have finished the first part of our unit on modifiers, focusing on adjectives this time. We tested on Friday and will move on to adverbs next week. We also completed Latin lesson 7. The kids are showing confidence and competence using Latin roots and this should help them as they move into high school.

Kids are at least halfway through their novels and have been busy with the writing activities associated with each novel. I have collected their packets and will grade what they have finished so far over this long weekend. They have been reminded many times that the schedule they have set within their reading groups should ensure that they have finished reading their novels by January 28th. They have also been encouraged to complete one of their two book reports over this long weekend so that they have ample time to complete their second one before January 28th. Please remind them of this, and also to turn in their parent-signed reading log on Monday  Wednesday for full credit.

We finished a chapter in religion about the early Church and the ecumenical councils that were held to combat heresies. The kids took a test and that should have come home with all the other finished, graded work on Friday. I hope your kids are showing you their finished work. I require them to take it home each Friday and to keep it until they see their grades for each assignment posted in FACTS.

In social studies we have been studying the Supreme Court. The kids have been presenting the landmark cases they have studied using Power points. They are asking great questions of one another and are really showing an understanding of the law and its origins in the Constitution.

As COVID cases rise in our community, please remind your kids that safety is the most important thing right now. I am sanitizing desks several times a day and am constantly reminding the kids to keep their distance from one another, especially when they are eating. I’d appreciate it if you can give them similar reminders.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the extra day off.


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