October 30, 2021

Dear Parents,

We had a great retreat yesterday, starting with Mass in the morning and followed by large- and small-group discussions. The main theme of the retreat was about making choices that lead to our best selves and that build up others. Our retreat leader, Joan Williamson, did an amazing job leading the retreat and connected well with the kids. With lots of sunshine, we ate outdoors and played volleyball with a “living net”. Thank you to all the parents who helped with driving to and from the retreat. We couldn’t have gone without you!

We completed our Touching Safety lesson on Monday. The main idea of this lesson was how to be a friend to others who may be undergoing unsafe situations. The students learned the steps to take if they or someone they know is being threatened or harmed. We also used our religion time to finish learning about the marks of the Church – that the Church is One – and then tested our knowledge.

In language arts, we finished learning about irregular verbs, which usually have their irregularities in past tenses and past participles, and moved on to learning about progressive tenses. Students learned that progressive tenses show a progressive or ongoing nature, such as is walking, was walking, will have been walking. They noted that progressive tenses all use the present participle (a verb with -ing). This past week was the second week of our Latin 4 lesson. Because of the retreat on Friday, we had to move our Latin 4 test to Thursday. Not all kids had studied for it, so I told them to consider it a pre-test. If they did well, they are done. If they didn’t do well, they can retest on Monday or Tuesday during study hall time. I also reminded them that they can always re-do work to show new learning. I hope this will relieve some kids of any anxiety about testing.

We began reading new novels that center on colonial times. While our first novel was whole-group, this time the kids are reading in groups of three, each group with a different novel. They have a variety of tasks to complete as they read (found on a task rubric), and will also have lessons about a variety of literary elements along the way. We hope to complete these novels in the next three to four weeks so that we can move on to Revolutionary War novels. I reminded the kids that they have two book reports due by Monday for the month of October. Please remind them of this deadline. They will also need to turn in their weekly reading logs on Monday.

In social studies this week, we wrapped up our unit on colonization of our nation and talked about the essential question: How do governments avoid the abuse of power? On Monday, we sketched out the ideas from what we learned on the board, then transferred them to an outline in preparation for the culminating assessment of our learning – an essay. I gave them time each day during social studies to work on the essay and while most have finished and turned them in, some needed a bit more time because of the loss of a social studies period in lieu of a Halloween party on Thursday. Please remind your child that the essay should be emailed to me by Monday for grading.


  • Thursday, November 4th- Early Release “A” Day 11:45 am dismissal with casual dress. Conferences from 12:30 pm to 7:30 pm. See sign-up in Wednesday newsletter, if you still need a slot. Please remember that these are student-led, so you must bring your child to the conference.
  • Friday, November 5th- No school for students; conferences today 8:00 am to 3:30 pm 

Have a sunny weekend!


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