October 2, 2021

Dear Parents,

The kids did a fabulous job leading Mass on Friday. This Mass was devoted to the remembrance of St. Therese of Lisieux, also known as the “Little Flower”. She is best known for her saying, “Do ordinary (small) things with great love,” and was oft quoted by Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta. The priest spoke in his homily about how we can all follow St. Therese’s example of making every act we do one of love. This is a tough challenge, but it has the potential of bringing so much peace and showing that we are holy – set apart for God. We learned that Epistles are letters written by the Apostles to help the early Church understand Jesus and his message. We listened to a song by Leon Patillo based on one of Peter’s Epistles that said, “Believe in Jesus, the cornerstone of our faith.” 1 Peter 2:4-10. We wrapped up our lessons about the second mark of the Church – holy – and will have a chapter test next week to see what we understand this concept.

In social studies we explored the idea of why we need government. We started by learning that living in a state of nature means living without laws or government. Philosopher John Locke reasoned that, even in a state of nature, people would have certain rights: the right to life (being safe and able to survive), liberty (being as free as possible to make our own decisions), and property (owning things necessary for survival). Locke went on to predict what would happen in a state of nature: stronger/more skilled people would take advantage of weaker people; weaker/less-skilled people would band together to protect their rights; people would feel insecure and therefore want to form governments/laws; and, people would only be allowed to govern one another with consent. These are foundational ideas to the creation of any legitimate government, and we will use them as a foundation for our conversations about our own government in the coming lessons.

Language arts and literature classes were cut short this week due to MAP testing, but we did manage to squeeze a review of nouns before taking our test. Those kids who wished to do so were able to re-test. We also finished another section of our novel and tested both on comprehension and vocabulary. I was grateful to receive almost 100% of the book reports by the end of the month. The kids worked hard and are showing that they are responsible and meeting deadlines. Please do check FACTS with your child to see if there might be a missing assignment or low grade that they’d like to improve. I am always willing to do some re-teaching and allow for them to show that they have learned.

Have a peaceful Sunday!