Homework for May 25-6-29, 2020

All Class Meeting in Teams at 9:30 AM Tuesday, 5/26 (as announced last week)
All missing assignments due for all teachers May 29th
___Meet on Literature Circle Meeting days and post written responses in OneNote
___5/26 at 10:00: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
 ___5/27  at 9:30: Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay
___5/28 at 9:30 Stones in Water by Donna Jo Napoli
___5/29 at 9:30: Large group discussion:  End of alphabet
___5/29 at  10:00 Agent Zigzag by Ben Macintyre
___5/29 by 3:30:Letter or Poster: beginning of alphabet: post in OneNote
Language Arts:
___Past Due all Latin II Vocabulary Lessons previously assigned
___Due 5/29 Khan Academy
       Video: Advanced plural possession
       Exercise:  Advanced plural possession
       Video: Choosing between it’s and its
       Exercise: Choosing between it’s and its
        Unit Test: Punctuation: the comma and apostrophe
___Due June 3rd: graduation gratitude essay (this is short: a paragraph or page) specifications will follow after we meet
___Past, Past Due for two of you: Read aloud of completed ABC book to Kindergarten buddy post  in Seesaw (either video record in two sections or film via phone and upload to YouTube and link to Seesaw)
___Past due for three of you: Summary of Fr. Moore’s 5/14 class if you didn’t answer or ask questions in class
___Thursday, May 28 11:30 Class Zoom meeting with Fr. Moore…at his request, please let your parents know that the subject matter is controversial
U.S. History:
___Due 5/29: Current Event: with Federalist v. Anti-Federalist tie-in
___WAY Past Due for five of you: Synopsis or impression of Supreme Court arguments broadcast
___Past Due: Fifty page biography…for those of you who did not turn in your biography on May 3rd or May 20th, please make arrangements with Mr. C or Mr. Anderson for drop off at school this week on a day and time when they are on campus

Extra Credit: Each time that you have respond to your buddy reading to you, you earn 20 points extra credit in any of my classes. Please let me know in which class you want the extra credit applied.