Homework March 23-27, 2020

Keep up the reading: read 30-45 minutes each day
This week’s reading responses:
3.27: Beginning of the alphabet ( Evie to Colby)discuss at 9:30 on Friday, March 27  in Teams
3.27: End of the alphabet (Dave to Joe) write a letter if you are still reading a book, or make a poster if you are finished with a book. Post the letter of poster in Class of 2020 Literature under your name in the section called Book Response Letter or Poster on the page March 23-27
3.27: I will be logging in pages this Friday, so posters are recommended if you’ve finished a book this last week. We are at 2250 pages. I just added in The Power of One which is 544 pages. If you want to know where you are in number of pages, email me and I’ll let you know. If you are reading for time and not pages, post your calendar with the amount of time you’ve read and a parent signature.
Please let me know if you want to stick with the Civil War era books for Literature Circles or move to WWII era books. Email that response.
Language Arts:
Due 3.26: Latin II Vocabulary Lesson 13 C&D is due on Thursday. Please post a picture of your completed work on that page in Class of 2020 Language Arts Latin II Vocabulary
Due 3.26 Grammar: This is new: please log in to Khan Academy, Grammar, Parts of Speech the preposition…, and watch the short video “Meet the Preposition” then answer the questions in OneNote 


Bible verses are optional this week
Due 3.36: Lenten ABC Book: Seven pages completed (there are examples in the content library of Class of 2020 Religion)
Due 3.24: Write one unusual thing that you learned about your biography subject. Post it in OneNote Class of 2019-20 U.S. History
Due 4.2: Evidence of documents and pictures of biography…post on the correct page
Due 3.27One Current Event in the 5W+How format (who, what ,where, when, why, and how) Remember to include either the Catholic Social Teaching or SLE that applies
Due 3.32: PBL work: Post a picture of your branch of the government that you are responsible for in your PBL group. You need and image and the responsibilities of that branch of the government (Articles 1-3 of the Constitution).
For Evie, Noah, and Jack, keep talking to each other and research the Federalist v Anti-Federalist arguments and personalities.