Eighth Grade Newsletter March 16-20, 2020

Eighth Grade Newsletter
16-20, 2020
We miss you! We hope and pray that you are well.
SLE Focus:
A servant leader of Assumption Catholic School is a person of
integrity who accepts responsibility for personal behavior.
Curriculum Foci:
Language Arts:
In Language Arts,
we will work out how to work online with English grammar learning
Latin II Vocabulary lesson 13, please work on A&B. Friday
(take a
picture of the pages copy them into OneNote/Class of 2020 Language Arts
under your name and the vocabulary page)
The Literature Circle projects for the last Literature Circle cycle
may be a challenge to work on without meeting with
the rest of the group.
We’ll try to figure this out in the next week. For now,
students are choosing
a new Literature Circle book
which they can pick up on Friday between the
hours of 10AM-1 PM
If that pick-up time doesn’t work for your family,please email me. We will work out a different time.
Physical Education: Weekly News
The main focus during this time out of school will be the Lenten
ABC books that the eighth graders are making for their Kindergarten
Science: Please check with Mrs. Ernest about Science expectations during this time out of the classroom.
U.S. History:
In their PBL groups, the eighth graders are learning about the respective powers and duties of the three
branches of the U.S. Government.
The biography of an ancestor should be in the works. I have given students
the specifics and grading rubric for the project as well as sample interview
This is an essential project right now. The connection between
you and your grandparents is so important anytime, but especially right
The due date for the fifty-page biography is April 27, 2020.
A sample of primary source document and image evidence is due April 2, 2020.
Please submit this information
as an image via email
“We are called to live not as one without others,
above or against others,
but with and for others.”
Pope Francis