Homework for April 13-17, 2020

       Literature Circle Meetings in Teams:
           ___9:30 AM Wednesday: In My Father’s House
           ___9:30 AM Thursday: The Red Badge of Courage
           ___10:00 AM Friday: Rifles for Watie
For Literature Circles: Add your responses to OneNote in the Literature Circle section:
Your responses need to be more than a simple retelling of the story. For example:
How does this story inform you or compare with other wars or tragic times that people endure?
What makes a hero or a coward?
Who (which character) musters courage when they are faced with death or disease? Who does not?
What is your prediction of the outcome of the story?
       Regular book discussion:
           ___9:30 AM Friday: Beginning of Alphabet in Teams
         Letter or Poster:
           ___due by 11:59 PM Friday: (post in the Letter or Poster section of OneNote)
Language Arts:
          ___Due 4/16: Latin II Vocabulary Lesson 14 C&D
          ___Due 4/17: Khan Academy videos and exercises in the  Punctuation: Comma and Apostrophe  Unit:
                   Meet the Comma Video and Exercise
                   Punctuating a List Video and Exercise
          ___Due 4/15: Read a children’s picture book aloud to your Kindergarten buddy in Seesaw
          ___Due 4/16 ABC Book  twenty-one pages completed (letters O to U)
U.S. History:
         ___Due 4/17: One Current Event using the Who, What, When, Where, How, Why format, plus the SLE of Catholic Social Teaching. Post in OneNote/US History  2019-2020/your name Current Events/April 13-17
         ___Due 4/20: Five pages of writing (1250 words at least) for the biography of your ancestor
         ___Due 4/30: Ten pages total of writing (2500 words at least) for the biography of your ancestor
         ___Due 5/6: Completed biography of ancestor book brought to Parent pick up/drop off