Eighth Grade Classwork and Homework March 2-6, 2020

March 2-8, 2020

SLE: An effective communicator articulates ideas and resolves conflicts orally and in writing.


Read 250 pages (read a half hour to forty-five minutes each day)

End of alphabet (David N. to Joe) discuss

Beginning of alphabet (Evie to Colby) write a letter ({friendly letter format} if you are still reading the book), or make a poster (if you are finished with the book) about the book you are reading (due Friday)

Read Aloud: The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay

Literature Circle groups meet to work on projects

Silent reading


Language Arts:

Vocabulary: Test on Lesson 12 Thursday, March 12

Tuesday: Latin 12 A&B (plus study sheet or flash cards if your last test was not an A or A-)

Wednesday: Latin 12 A&B (plus study sheet or flash cards if your last test was not an A or A-)

Thursday: Correct Latin 12 A&B

Friday: Latin 12 C&D







English Grammar:

Tuesday: Prepositional Phrases as Modifiers

Wednesday: Writing with Prepositional Phrases

Thursday: Choosing Correct Prepositions

Friday: Verbals: Participles



            Bible Verses: Two required (choose at least one Gospel) from;

                        Friday: EZ 18:21-28 or Mt 5:20-26

                        Sunday: Gn 12: 1-4, 2Tm 1:8-10, Mt 17: 1-9



            In class:         Early Church and Sacraments

ACRE vocabulary


Social Studies:

Current Events: One national and one international required this week

PBL project phase… presentations this week

New PBL: Constitution

Biography interviews (Fifty Biography due date April 24)

Due date for interview evidence: 3/6

Due date for primary documents and images: 4/2