Eighth Grade Newsletter May 20-24, 2019



Crowning of Mary, May 17, 2019

                              Eighth Grade Newsletter

May 20-24, 2019


Eighth Grade Retreat: Thursday and Friday, May 30-31 at Camp Lutherwood

Graduation Events on Wednesday, June 5, 2019:

Luncheon starts at 11:30 in the Assumption Gym,

Rehearsal for the Mass after the luncheon (approximately 1:00-1:30 PM),

Graduation Mass 6 PM (graduates arrive at the Stafford Room at 5:30)

SLE Focus: A servant leader of Assumption Catholic School is an engaged, active, life-long learner who balances spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth as an independent learner.


Curriculum Foci:

+Language Arts: The eighth graders continue to learn about Latin-based vocabulary, roots, and affixes. In English grammar, they are learning about modifiers. The writing component at this end of the year is the final draft of their history research paper and a narrative for graduation.

+Literature: The eighth graders are finishing their readers’ theatre reading of a Shakespeare play. Hamlet, Othello, or Romeo and Juliet are the plays.


+Mrs.  Evans: All of our hat projects are due at the start of the week – these projects began with design of a hat for USE YOUR HEAD hat company, and then utilized statistical studies in order to set a price on the hats.  Finally, we evaluated marketing data to be able to make conclusions about who to best market our hats to in order to have the greatest success.  We used proportional reasoning, dot and box plots and basic concepts like mean, mode and range in the process.  This project summarized all that we learned in our Statistics studies.   We move directly into the study of probability this week.  We will begin with experimental probability of simple events.


Mr. Pryor: 8th grade math is looking at scatter plots and we are learning to calculate a trend line.


+Mrs. VonFeldt: The end of the year assessment will be next Tuesday and Wednesday, May 28 and 29. Students are currently reviewing the concepts that will be covered.

+Music: This week, students are ending our year together by performing their group Stomp projects for the class

+Physical Education: In physical education students are learning about scoring for golf by playing modified disc golf.  Keeping score requires an honor system. SLE An engaged active life-long learner is an independent, self-motivated learner.

Golfing at the Hitting Zone with instruction and stories from PGA Pro Dean Russell was great.  Parents who drove, your time is appreciated!  Mr. Andrews, Mr. Blas, Mrs. Jabbora, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Morgan, Mrs. Rodriguez-Stiff, Mrs. Sumner, and Mr. Treat.


+Religion: The eighth graders are learning about family life and writing a short narrative for graduation.


Science: 8th grade science is discussing different types of waves and we are currently discussing wave application in current-day technology.


+Spanish: Cristina Pavon is substituting for Spanish classes.

+U.S. History: The five history groups are studying how to read and analyze historical documents through Stanford’s History Education Group.