Eighth Grade Newsletter April 15-19


Eighth Grade Newsletter

April 15-19, 2019



SLE Focus: A servant leader of Assumption Catholic School is an active, faith-filled person who prays formally and spontaneously.


Curriculum Foci:

+Language Arts: The eighth graders continue to learn about Latin-based vocabulary, roots, and affixes. In English grammar, they are learning about modifiers. There is time given in Language Arts class for writing the history research paper.

+Literature: Most Literature Circle projects have been presented to the class. We are now reading aloud in groups one of these Shakespeare tragedies: Hamlet, Othello, or Romeo and Juliet.


+Mrs.  Evans: Pre-algebra has begun to study statistics and probability!  We are investigating how to create random samples of populations and how represent the data when shown in dot and box plots.  We are learning to make inferences (predictions) about the populations from the plots and also by using proportional reasoning.


Mr. Pryor: Test is Thursday. We will Review Wednesday.


+Mrs. VonFeldt: Students are solving quadratic equations. We will explore different strategies to find solutions, including graphing and the quadratic formula.

+Music: This week, students are learning how to notate music that they are creating for their group Stomp! Projects. They have planned out their musical skit and are now working on choreographing their movement, and adding rhythms on their non-traditional instruments.

+Physical Education:  In Physical Education students will demonstrate shots, strategies, and rules of badminton in mix-doubles tournament. SLE  3 An effective communicator who demonstrates growth in self-confidence and encourages confidence in others. 

Students are to be active 60 minutes a day for good health. They will be tested on their fitness level beginning the end of April! Mile run, curl-ups, push-ups, flexibility.  SLE 2 An engaged active life-long learner who is an independent, self-motivated learner. 


+Religion: The eighth graders are learning about human trafficking while they create a Station of the Cross. We have been doing lessons on safe friends and safe adults through the Virtus Touching Safety program.


Science: In 8th grade science, we are looking into electron orbital shapes and how to fill them in preparation for high school chemistry.


+Spanish: 8th grade worked on comparisons and their projects which are due the 24th of April.

+U.S. History: Three groups are preparing for a debate on the Constitution while the other two groups are studying about the Indian Removal Act during President Jackson’s administration and the resulting movement of the Cherokee Nation west of the Mississippi River. The eighth graders are writing a research paper for a topic of their choice from the 1800s or 1900s. The rough draft is due this Tuesday, April 30th.