Eighth Grade Classwork and Homework April 8-12, 2019

April 8-12, 2019

SLE: A Servant Leader of Assumption Catholic School is an active, faith-filled person who prays formally and spontaneously.

+Remember to write the SLE, and write a personal response about how you are following this SLE.


U.S. History:

Current Events: two this week…one needs to have a tie-in to the Constitution (cite the article or amendment, and how the event applies to that section of the Constitution)


Monday to Friday: three groups: Ratification of the Constitution; Two groups: Expansion and Reform

N.B.: Outline and initial bibliography for research paper due Friday, April 12



Language Arts: Latin II Lesson 14 test Thursday, April 14



Tuesday: work on Latin II lesson 14 A&B

Wednesday: work on Latin II lesson 14 A&B

Thursday: correct Latin II lesson 14 A&B and work on C&D

Friday: work on C&D


English Book Grammar:

Daily Oral Language quiz

Tuesday: Modifier Unit: adjectives

Wednesday: Modifier Unit: writing with adjectives

Thursday: comparing with adjectives

Friday: Modifier unit review

Writing: Outline and initial bibliography for research paper due Friday,  April 12





Read aloud: The Power of One

Literature Circle groups finish and show projects

Shakespeare play choices and begin readers’ theatre

Responding to reading:

Friday: beginning of alphabet meets to discuss/end of alphabet responds in friendly letter (if still reading the book) or poster (if finished reading the book) this week




Vocabulary sheet and quizlet practice: ACRE test this week!


Bible Verses: For those of you who haven’t finished: Calligraph your Favorite Bible Verse

Lenten Preparation: Human Trafficking Stations of the Cross

Catholic Social Teachings…especially as applies to life and dignity of the human person and this week’s SLE

History of the Church