Eighth Grade Classwork and Homework December 3-7, 2018

December 3-7, 2018

SLE: A Servant Leader of Assumption Catholic School is an active, faith-filled person who prays formally and spontaneously.

+Remember to write the SLE, and write a personal response about how you are following this SLE.

N.B.: Students with missing work stay in for lunch recess in the designated study hall classroom until the work is complete and turned in


U.S. History:

Current Events: two this week; one national and one international

Show last two productions of PBL on Indentured Servants, and Missionaries

Biography: Book due February 1, 2019


Language Arts: Latin II Lesson 7 test on Tuesday, December 4


Monday: correct Latin II lesson 7 C&D

Tuesday: Latin II lesson 7 test

Wednesday: Latin II lesson 8 A&B

Thursday: Latin II lesson 8 A&B

Friday: Correct Latin II lesson 8 A&B


English Book Grammar:

Tuesday: Cumulative Test Results and relearn for some

Wednesday: Linking Verbs

Thursday: Verb Phrases

Friday: Verb Phrases

Writing: Writers’ Workshop…narrative and Christmas Program Play rewrites





Read aloud: Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon

Literature Circle groups work on projects daily

Responding to reading: End of alphabet discusses while beginning of alphabet responds in writing (letter) or art (posters)





Christmas Play and song practice in the Church