Wednesday Parent Newsletter 6.2.2021

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In this week’s news, you’ll find a rundown of our many Fun Run winners, a last call for safety volunteers, Care & Concern Ministry news, an update to staffing changes for the 2021-22 school year, elective offerings for 5th and middle school grades next year, a spotlight on two of our valuable School Commission members, the School Mass schedule for this week, and upcoming calendar events. Thanks for reading!


PTC News 


Together, we raised $26,077.20 at the 37th Annual Ellen Anderson Fun Run on May 13th, breaking previous records and shattering our (stretch) goal of $20K! Last Friday, we celebrated our Fun Run top earners and drew raffle prize winners from all the tickets earned for pledges turned in. Although we had limited prizes to give out, ALL of our students are truly winners in our book! 



Fourth Grade, our Military Heroes bunch! Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Town’s kids led the way with $1,989 in earnings and will enjoy a class pizza lunch party this Friday for their efforts. Way to go, Fourth Graders! 



Harrison C., in Mrs. Lawrence’s Kindergarten class, raised an incredible $766! This is an awfully strong start to your Fun Run career, Harrison! We’ll have our eye on you as the one to beat from now on! 

Harrison earned a $25 IHOP gift card, bragging rights, and got to draw our raffle ticket prize winners last week. 


TOP EARNERS BY GRADE: These students went above and beyond to collect pledges and were treated to $25 IHOP gift cards for their awesome efforts (HUGE thanks to the Vagelaras family in PreK for their generous gift card donation)! 

PreK: Vasi V. 

Kindergarten: Emery S. 

First Grade: Annalise T. 

Second Grade: Elodie W. 

Third Grade: Finley T. 

Fourth Grade: Mila M. 

Fifth Grade: Stella W. 

Sixth Grade: Taylor R. 

Seventh Grade: Maddox A. 

Eighth Grade: Katelynn K. 



$50 Amazon gift card: Angel N. (6th) 

Pool Party Building Block Set: John Vianney W. (PreK) 

Magna-Tiles Set: Harrison C. (K)  

Snap Circuits –Light Exploration Kit: Elodie W. (2nd) 


Many thanks again to every ACS student, teacher, parent, and our PTC for making this such a wildly successful and most importantly, FUN, event for our school! We are thrilled with the outcome and incredibly grateful to everyone who helped in big and small ways, particularly our Fun Run Co-Chairs Natalie Milligan and Shannon Zebrowski.  



Health Screener and Playground Angel Volunteers 

Less than two weeks of the school year remain! Please dig deep and sign up wherever you can. We truly rely on these positions to have our students here safely. Thank you in advance for your support!  

Please note: In addition to paring down to two Health Screeners each morning, we’ve restructured our lunch recess times in order to have fewer kids on the playground.  The schedule is: 

 11:25-11:55 2nd-4th grade 

11:55-12:25 5th-8th grade 

12:25-12:55 Kindergarten and First Grade 

Please pick two half hour shifts in order to get your full volunteer hour. Thank you!  




Care & Concern Ministry 

We continue to pray for one of our students who is recovering from a home pogo stick accident. Brayden Robinson, 3rd grader, had jaw surgery recently and we pray for healing and comfort at this time. Today he has his post-operation appointment in Seattle and his family is asking for prayers for a speedy recovery.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Robinson family. 



Support for the Salcidos 

Our Care & Concern Ministry continues to coordinate meals to support the Salcido family. To sign up for a meal, please visit the link here: 

Many thanks to the families who have gifted the Salcidos with SCRIP and financial support. Our community continually rallies when one of us is hurting. Please feel free to send items of support for them through the office anytime.  

“If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.”   -Ecclesiastes 4:10 



Staffing Updates 

As we hire people into the vacant positions, Mr. Anderson will update families in the Wednesday Newsletter. Please direct people you know to our website if you think they would be a good candidate for any of the open positions. We’ll keep this post open for future weeks and update you here. 

Hired: New Third Grade Teacher- Beverly Williams; Office Assistant- Jessica Sidhu; Gary Green- Maintenance; Development Director- Shannon Zebrowski 

Hired: Amanda McIntosh has accepted the Physical Education position for next year and will also be the EDP Director after school. Amanda has been teaching Kindergarten at St. Brendan’s in Bothell for the last four years (you may remember her from EDP in 2017-2018 before getting at full-time teaching position) and is excited to be moving back to Ferndale. 

Change in status: After an outpouring of support from teachers and parents, Mr. Marc Costanza has reconsidered his resignation and has agreed to stay on in his current position for next year. We are thrilled with this decision and grateful for his continued service to the students and to the school. 

Still waiting on candidates– School Counselor, Activities Coordinator 

Seventh and eighth grade– Mrs. Eusebio will be the leave replacement for Mrs. Reyes in eighth grade to start the 2021-2022 school year for language, literature, religion, and social studies; and Mrs. Demry will be the seventh-grade leave replacement for language arts and literature to start next school year.    



Middle School Electives, Music, and Art for 2021-2022 

Current fifth through seventh grade students will be encouraged to sign up for electives and music classes for next school year through a Microsoft Form coming next week. For parents of these children, we want to make you aware of how this will be framed in the new school year. All electives will be held two times per week and will continue to be reserved for seventh and eighth graders. They will include things like: visual art, drama, engineering/design, photography, advanced Spanish, choir, and orchestra. Sixth graders will have a visual art class every week. For their music class (twice per week), they will choose between choir and orchestra for entirety of the school year. Additionally, if we can make it work with next year’s fifth grade schedule, we hope to offer orchestra and choir to fifth graders during their regular music time, twice per week. They will also have a visual arts class each week. So the options will look like this: 

7th/8th grades: Choose between electives that will run twice per week for a semester only: visual arts, drama, engineering/design, photography, advanced Spanish; or choose one that runs for the year: choir or orchestra. 

5th/6th grade: All will have visual arts once per week. Students will choose between choir and orchestra for their music class which will run twice per week for the entire school year. 



Meet the School Commission 

George Sidhu just completed his second year as a School Commission member.  After his daughter Meleah (fourth grade) started attending Assumption two years ago, he joined the commission to learn more about the inner workings of the school and provide input and support to the school’s leadership team.  

George is a professional engineer and has spent his career planning, designing and building projects, which made it an easy decision to be involved with the commission’s Facilties subcommittee.  There are many projects to complete around the school to ensure that our kids have an enjoyable experience while they are learning, and George is excited to be a part of the team that completes those projects.   


Andy Remien is in his second year on the School Commission. Andy and his wife Jo have two children at Assumption: Benny is in first grade and Henry is in PreK.  

Andy is the assistant principal at Mount Baker Junior High/High School and deeply appreciates what Assumption teachers and families have done this year to keep our children in school. Public schools have worked extremely hard to do what Assumption has done since the beginning of September: offer outstanding in-school instruction and compassionate support for students. Straddling the worlds of public and parochial instruction, Andy has a clear sense that every child deserves a rich and caring school environment. Being a part of the School Commission gives Andy a chance to ensure that Assumption provides that education not just through the pandemic but into the future as well. 



Friday, June 4th 

6th-8th grade students should plan to wear their dress uniform this Friday for School Mass. Parents of children in participating grades are also welcome to attend/sit with them. Only students attending Mass in person need to wear dress uniforms, and regular uniforms for all other grades.


Upcoming Calendar Items:   

June 3rd8th Grade Retreat 

June 7thFree Dress (#2 of 2) w/ $100 earned in Fun Run pledges 

June 9th8th Grade Dinner and Awards  

June 10th 8th Grade Graduation 

June 14th- Last Day of PreK 

June 15th Field Day (afternoon) and Last Day of Preschool 

June 16th Last Day of School, Early Release at 11:45