Wednesday Parent Newsletter 11.25.2020

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In this week’s news, you’ll find a prayer for Thanksgiving, a call for health & safety volunteers for December, an amazing service project by two remarkable second graders, an Auction deadline reminder, a final chance to add your voice to the Parent Satisfaction Survey, school Masses in December, great resources for ways to observe the Advent season, PTC news including Pie Fest gratitude and returning yard signs, and upcoming calendar events. Thanks for reading!


Pope Francis’ Prayer to the Creator 

Lord, Father of our human family, 

you created all human beings equal in dignity: 

pour forth into our hearts a fraternal spirit 

and inspire in us a dream of renewed encounter, 

dialogue, justice and peace. 

Move us to create healthier societies 

and a more dignified world, 

a world without hunger, poverty, violence and war. 

May our hearts be open 

to all the peoples and nations of the earth. 

May we recognize the goodness and beauty 

that you have sown in each of us, 

and thus forge bonds of unity, common projects, 

and shared dreams. Amen. 


We also pray for the protection of all healthcare workers, particularly those members of our Assumption family. So many will be leaving their own families to care for others on Thanksgiving. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as well. 

Wishing you the gift of faith and the blessing of hope this Thanksgiving! 


Health Screener and Playground Angel Volunteers 

Please help us fill up December safety slots!  Please check out the link for responsibilities and openings. 


We are so grateful for the support Health Screeners and Playground Angels bring to our students and Duty Teachers.  Please keep in mind that we count on these safety roles when you sign up, and last-minute deletions send us scrambling for help. If you must cancel a sign up, please email Jessica Sidhu at so she can try to find a replacement volunteer.  


Soap for Hope 

Addy and Grace, two of our wonderful second graders, are making specialty soaps to raise money to buy Christmas gifts for families in need.  Along with their parents, we are incredibly proud of their charity and service to others! 

If you’d like to support these young ladies and their honorable cause by buying their lovely and fragrant soap, we’re collecting pre-order forms on their behalf (a hard copy will come home in the Dec. 2nd Wednesday envelope). Please contact Catie with questions or for more information: Thank you! 



Black Friday is around the corner! Take advantage of the deals to procure your Auction donation! Remember the procurement forms are due December 1st, the Tuesday after we get back from Thanksgiving break. 

You can choose to use your $200 donation ($100 for Preschool) toward your child(ren)’s classroom project as well. We know the Room Parents are working hard to come up with wonderful ideas for these projects!   

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, 

Jennifer Sheafor and Tiffany Schuman 


Parent Satisfaction Survey 

We’ve extended the deadline for the survey to Monday, November 30th. So far we’ve had only 26 responses (compared to 68 last year) and 6 responses for preschool. Please take the time to give us your feedback on our programs and facilities. It should take no more than 15-20 minutes. Thank you! 

Preschool Parent Satisfaction Survey 

K-8 Parent Satisfaction Survey 


Special School Masses the week of December 7th 

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is Tuesday, December 8th and although it is not a Holy Day of Obligation this year, we will still celebrate Mass at 12:30 pm that day with grades 6-8. Since there will also be no Mass that Friday (December 11th), Fr. Moore is offering a special Daily Mass for K-2 on Monday, December 7th. Parents are invited to both Masses on December 7th (K-2 families) at 8:15 am and December 8th (6-8 families) at 12:30 pm. 


Advent Family Resources 

This Sunday, November 29th, we begin the Advent season, where we prepare for Jesus’ arrival. The term “Advent” is derived from the Latin word adventus which means “coming.” 

It’s a wonderful time to choose a tradition to start with your family.  The fruits will be when your child(ren) make this a holy time of preparation for Jesus.   


Saint Nicholas Day! – 

Read the story of St. Nicholas on his Feast Day, December 6th! Set your children’s shoes out by the fireplace or door and place small chocolate coins in their shoes. 

Online Resources:  -Make the liturgical year fun, engaging, and meaningful for young children.  This site offers, crafts, costumes, printables, and many ideas to put the “icing on your Catholic Faith.” A must for young Catholic families! -Sign up for “Advent Adventure” and receive a short video directly to your email every day.  The videos are created by kids and are very engaging!  This site contains so much more and hosted by a faithful Catholic family.  Most of the resources are free, including all the daily emails and videos, but they also have amazing items to purchase. Great for Christmas gifts! 

Hands-On Fun Family Activities: 

Advent Wreath –Light a calendar each night at the dinner table. Short prayers can accompany the lighting, and/or sing a verse of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.”   

Nativity Set –Have a set the children can play with and make it hands on! 

Jesse Tree –The basic concept behind a Jesse Tree is that you have one ornament for each day in December, and it counts down to the coming of Christ on the 25th. Each ornament stands for a person or event from the Old Testament that leads up to the coming of Christ. Every evening, you hang an ornament on the tree that symbolizes that biblical event and do a small reading or devotional about that Bible story.  Easy, printable ornaments are found free on the resources above and children have fun being creative and making them.   

Sacrifice Manger –Make a simple manger out of clay, popsicle sticks, or anything around the house.  Cut up pieces of yellow yarn or paper to resemble the straw.  When children make a sacrifice throughout Advent they are told to “put a piece of hay in the manger.”  By the end of Advent, the manger is soft and cozy for Jesus to come.   

Christmas Morning –Wrap the Jesus up from your nativity set and have the children open it first!  Read the Nativity Story and place Jesus in the manger before opening any presents. Jesus is the most important present!  

Advent Calendar –A spin off the traditional chocolate ones.  Place a small token, task, or good deed to perform in each envelope, drawer, or box.  There are many options for calendars, but it creates the count down and children anticipate the coming of Jesus. (Examples:  A pencil, “make cards for the homeless”, “watch a Christmas movie together”, “do something nice without being noticed today.”) 

Donate to a person or family from Hope House –Every year Hope House has a variety of names or families that need donations for their Christmas celebration. Have the children pick the names then shop as a family for their gifts first before your family gifts. 

Read Luke 2:1-7 together – Have children summarize the story or act it out. Draw or color pictures. Compare it with other nativity children stories. 

Make cards – A wonderful year to bring joy to someone who is lonely or alone by sending a card or virtual hug/video!   


Care and Concern Ministry 

There’s a cooler outside the school doors on Mondays and Thursdays for the Salcido Family. Please drop your meal off by 1:30 pm so that their daughter can bring it home at pick up. To sign up for a meal, please visit the link here: 


PTC Update  

PIE FEST SUCCESS! Thank you to all the volunteers and supporters of our first ever Thanksgiving Pie Fest! Together we netted another $800 for the school!  

A special shout out to our dream team of Rob Viggers, Lynette Machinski and Sara Rush for their many hours spent planning, prepping and cooking for yet another successful Take-and-Bake event! We hope these pies help bring comfort and joy to your Thanksgiving table. 

We have decided to postpone our next take-and-bake meal until January. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks! 


New and Kindergarten Families: If you haven’t brought back your WELCOME TO ASSUMPTION yard sign, but would prefer not to keep it up, we will gladly take it (just drop it off at the office) for use next year. 


Upcoming Calendar Items:

November 26th-27thNO SCHOOL, Happy Thanksgiving!  

December 7th  Pizza Lunch today.

December 7th– Special Daily Mass for K-2 today. Parents are invited to join their children. 

December 8th- Feast of the Immaculate Conception Mass (6th-8th), 12:30 pm 

December 17th – Virtual Christmas Program “Watch Party”. The Christmas program will be videoed ahead of time this year for all to enjoy. Be prepared to watch together from home at 6 pm on Thursday, December 17th. 

December 18th Early Release @ 11:45 am 

December 21stJanuary 1- NO SCHOOL, Merry Christmas and SO LONG, 2020!