Wednesday Parent Newsletter 9.2.2020

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Welcome board 2020

In this week’s news you’ll find a continued need for safety volunteers, reminders and new information on mask requirements, tips for dropping off and picking up your child(ren), reminders for the Thursday and Friday, Confirmation prep information from Church of the Assumption, plans to delay individual pictures, PTC news including a call for Room Parents and other ways to help, logging hard-earned hours, and upcoming calendar events,  Thanks for reading!




Health Screener and Playground Angel Volunteers 

We have an ongoing need to keep these positions filled.  Please check out the link for responsibilities and openings. 

Please sign up here: 

We are so grateful for your support to bring your children back to school as safely as possible!   For volunteering questions, please contact our PTC Volunteer Coordinator, Jessica Sidhu: Thank you! 


Masks and face coverings 

Thank you for your patience while we open safely and finalize our protocols. There continue to be questions about masks and today we did ask the students to keep their masks on at recess while they are playing on the playground. They will be able to take masks off outside as long as they stay six feet apart, so we’re just being cautious for these few days. This is a temporary request while we see if students can maintain a six-foot distance at recess, especially on the new play structure.  

There will be “mask breaks” during recess and throughout the day, and if students are demonstrating they can stay more than six-feet apart (frisbee, pass with the soccer ball, kick ball) they will be allowed to take off their masks at recess starting next week. Gaiters and face shields are still not allowed since the health department has reminded us of their ineffectiveness. In order to stay open right now, we are being extra strict about this mask requirement with the chance to relax on this later if we do this well. The next 14-21 days are the real test for us, and we’re being watched carefully by the Archdiocese and Whatcom County Health Department to manage this well.   

As a reminder, the masks do not need to be uniform colors as previously stated. Masks shouldn’t have inappropriate designs or things that might be distracting for students, but any colors and patterns are acceptable. Assumption masks are available for sale if you choose, but they are not required. 


Reminders for drop off and pick-up 

Families did great with the drop-off today. Thank you for your patience. Starting tomorrow, we’ll be trying to screen students in 3-4 cars at a time. So pull up to the screener (look for green vests), answer the questions and when all 3-4 are done, the next set of cars can move into those spaces to be screened. 

  • Students can arrive any time after 7:40 am.  
  • Pull through the traffic loop and up to the gym doors.  
  • There will be a series of questions the screener will ask as students get out of the car and his/her temperature will be taken. 
  • From there, students should walk towards the entrance to the school (keeping six-foot distance) and will be let into the school (siblings together).  
  • Only bikers and walkers may walk up to be screened.  If you come to school by car, stay in your vehicle and come through the loop.  Parents will remain in the car and released to drive away once your child(ren) has/have been successfully screened. 
  • For preschool, one parent per student should walk to the main doors.  The preschool line will be on the right (K-6 enters on the left). Both preschooler and parent will be screened before coming inside.  Sign your child in at the door of the classroom and exit the building straight through the east doors.  

We know the pick-up went slowly today and we are working on how to make this go faster. We will be experimenting with moving the signs closer to the gym and lines to different locations around the traffic loop so please just pay attention to the instruction from Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Thomas, and Mrs. M-Z in the middle of the loop for the next two days. 


Thursday and Friday

Please note that on Thursday and Friday, September 3-4, we begin our 2:05 pm dismissal. Thursday is orientation for eighth grade Class 8R (Reyes) and Friday is orientation for Class 8D (Demry) and both will be dismissed at 11:30 am before the younger students come out for lunch. You can pick up your eighth grader by pulling to the gate closest to the gym at that time- the traffic loop will be closed for lunch recess. 

Regular school uniform can be worn for the first three days of school (shorts are o.k.). 6th and 8th grade students should plan to wear their dress uniform on Friday for first School Mass of the year, which will be Friday, September 4th. The same is true for 3rd-5th graders who have their first Mass on September 11th.  Only students attending Mass in person need to wear dress uniforms; regular uniforms for all other grades. 


Seventh and Eighth Grade Families– Confirmation 

On Friday, September 11, 6pm-7pm in the Assumption Gym there will be a Confirmation info meeting for all incoming 7th-12th graders who wish to prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation (receiving in spring 2021) Wear a mask and bring your own chair if you’d like to sit. ONE parent only plus the Confirmation candidate – please don’t bring extra guests as we are limited on how many people we can have. Contact April Jordan-Hulsey with questions or to RSVP: 


Picture Day 

Please note that you won’t see a date for individual picture day in the fall. We still plan to do this and we need pictures for the yearbook, but we didn’t want to do it in September while students are in their small cohorts. We are rescheduling for October or a little later in the year. More information will come in your calendar.   

Speaking of the yearbook, please see the attached flyer for info on sharing your personal photos with our very talented Staci Johnson.  She’ll need lots of help capturing all these special moments for our 2020-21 yearbook!


PTC News 

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table this morning to sign up for volunteer opportunities! Our volunteer page can be found in the “Parent Resources” tab of the website and is updated regularly, so please check back often to see what is available for the current month.  

Current volunteer opportunities: 

We are currently seeking Classroom Parents for each class. This is a wonderful way to get to know your class and teacher. Responsibilities include helping coordinate social gatherings and class parties (once we are able to hold these festivities again) and helping the teacher distribute information to the rest of the class. Sign up to be a classroom parent (2 spots available per class) here: (insert link to sign up genius)  

Please remember that each two-parent family is required to complete 40 hours of volunteer service each year (20 hours for 1-parent families) and at least half of those hours must be certified “fundraising” hours. If you have questions about volunteering at Assumption, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Jesssica Sidhu at 


As you fulfill volunteer hours, please be sure to log them into the portal to earn credit! 

If you haven’t previously made one, just create an account and log away.  Hours worked from June 2020 – May 2021 count toward this school year.

Upcoming Calendar Items:

September 3rd– First day of Preschool (and 5-day Pre-Kindergarten students); 8R Eighth Grade Orientation 8:15 to 11:30 am in the gym. Eighth graders can arrive any time after 7:45 am. 

September 4thFirst day of Pre-Kindergarten (3-day per week students); 8D Eighth Grade Orientation 8:15 to 11:30 am in the gym 

September 4thSchool Mass at 8:15 am for 6th and 8th graders only. (Eighth graders who came for orientation on Thursday are welcome to come again for Friday’s Mass. Please check in at the entryway for health screening.) 

September 16thNot an Early Release Day. Curriculum Night and Tech Training at 6:00 pm through Zoom. More information to follow. 


The September calendar can be found here.  Please note it’s quite minimal due to the limitations we’ve put in place for safety’s sake.