No Distance is Too Great for Learning at ACS! (Stories from home…)

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G: mastering reading and baking math!






G tracing his vocabulary in shaving cream.




L with a doll of her own making and many other activities





B’s garden (with help from sister!)

Master Baker J!


C’s mural



A’s hard at work

Parent: Today we worked on using simple machines to fix J’s bicycle tires. I know this wasn’t in any of the curriculum, but thought it would be a teachable moment. 

Mrs. Thomas: Loved the working with simple machines – Force and Motion!


  • Thank you for your hard and efficient work getting the “school at home program” running smoothly for all our families. We hope you all are doing well!
  • Mrs. Thomas is so proud of A’s extra credit project and wanted to share with all!


Grateful for our wonderful Mrs. M-Z.
We miss you all very much.

-W. Family




  • Good morning, it has been a week of learning and adjustment in all our schedules and activities and we feel very grateful and proud of all the work that you and the teachers are doing for our children. We imagine all the time that you have dedicated to lead this and make a great team, not only a team with the teachers but also a great team with all the parents who are committed to making this successful. First of all, Thank God for illuminating every decision made and for giving us the tranquility we need. Thanks for your continued communication, for the instructions for parents for this online experience. We really appreciate all the emails that you and the teachers have been sent, and to see the commitment to our children and all the families who are part of the beautiful school community of Assumption.



  • Thanks for everything Mrs. K! I am amazed at how quickly you all got the class room up and running. I can’t imagine the stress you must be under. I want you all to know what an amazing job you are all doing. We are feeling so blessed to have such great teachers and that we belong to such a great school. Thank you for everything you guys are doing to keep our kids on track and keep some normalcy in their lives! ❤️ _______ wanted me to tell you she misses you and _____ misses Mrs. Thomas too! We are using Microsoft Teams for 4th and it’s been working really well for conference calling. It was amazing to watch the kids do some work on that program together today. They read together and did homework together.  It’s a cool program.


  • I think you guys are doing FANTASTIC all things considered. It’s a learning curve for everyone. My boys spent the day very busy and said they worked harder than in school. Well done everyone. All the best to you and your family!


  • First, I wanted to let you all know that I was absolutely blown away by what you were able to accomplish today as well as the dedication and care you each showed in helping give your students some semblance of normalcy during a time that is anything but. The time and thoughtfulness you are each pouring into this “remote learning experiment” is abundantly clear to every single one of us as parents. I can’t thank you all enough.


  • I am sure you have been inundated with questions and emails, but I just wanted to say “thank you!” This is such a tumultuous time and your communication with parents is always timely and much appreciated.  I also appreciate how quickly the teachers switched gears to make sure their students aren’t having a gap in their learning.  For our family, I think ______ knowing she has goals, a schedule, and is being held accountable for getting her work done has helped her make this transition into a world with so many unknowns.
Distance Does Make the Heart Grow Fonder: The Agony and the Ecstasy of Learning-at-a-Distance-for-Safety

Day #1, Learning with Thanks to Our Teachers—not Technology

It’s 8 am, on this first day of learning-at-a-distance-for-safety, and our third-grader is weeping. “No school at school. No grandparents visiting for Easter. You’re [mom] not my teacher. The coronavirus has ruined everything!”

One hour later, deep into a division fluency lesson assigned by Mrs. Martin-Zender, our child chirped, “This is so much fun!”

Today, Assumption Catholic School teachers led us into new learning fields afar from school, thanks to their hours of work over the past weekend.

With only three days of prep time, on Monday morning (along with all our other incredible teachers), Mrs. M-Z e-mailed a letter to encourage parents, made a video to launch her students, and tailored today’s online lessons to her learners.

In trying to support her teaching from home, I fumbled through SeeSaw, an online system that our kindergartners use. (No wonder 99% of Catholic school students go to college.)

I thanked God that I never homeschooled. While I had to figure out a new online system (that our kindergartners know how to use), I didn’t have to choose the curricula, wade through seas of resources, and tailor lessons for my child and his twenty classmates. Nope, Mrs. M-Z did that.

So at 12 noon, I e-mailed her, feeling equal parts grateful and desperate (my signature two-halves fraction, from Common Core): “Only 24-and-a-half days left!”

Then, in person, she called me and every parent. I was able to tell her that our child, separated from beloved teacher, now refers to his mother as M and to his father as Z.

But we know who the real Mrs. M-Z is. Along with the ACS team, she’s a Catholic school teacher—accomplished professional, who knows that learning happens in relationship with each other and God, not because of technology.

Though we’re far from your classrooms, though we naturally feel overwhelmed at times, we also feel more connected than ever.