Wednesday Parent Newsletter 4.1.20

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In this week’s newsletter, you’ll find a letter from Fr. Moore re: parish news and Holy Week Masses, ongoing coronavirus preparation and distance learning Q & A, a call to order yearbooks, a Mother’s Day flower basket sale, online terms explained, a new teacher announcement and employment opportunities for 2020-21, 2020 Census info, parish Lenten activities, host families needed for Catholic exchange students, a request for yearbook and social media photos, In Memorium Mr. James Bailey, PTC News including a Swag leader invite and various ways to support ACS through regular purchases and upcoming calendar items.  Thank you for reading!


“We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.” Romans 12:6 

 Did you know? 

Holy Week 

Please see the attached letter from Fr. Moore with updates for the parish and a list of Holy Week Masses for next week. The Mass is streamed daily and recorded on his public Facebook page at 

Keep your family engaged in their faith while you are at home using these resources curated by the Archdiocese of Seattle. 


Coronavirus (COVID-19) update 

Remember to please communicate with us about COVID-19 by using this form and adding your stories about successes, as well: Questions, Concerns, Comments, and Feedback

We’ve created an FAQ page on our website so that families can go to one place and see what other questions people are asking. There is so much we don’t know yet to ask, but as we learn more, we will update this page daily. 


Yearbook orders 

Keep the 2019- 2020 school memories for a lifetime by purchasing your yearbook now! Your student will receive a hardback yearbook with 100 color pages of school life.   

Yearbooks are $20 each and will come home in the Wednesday, June 3rd Parent Envelope. 

Orders are due by April 28th.  You can print and mail or scan/email this order form or fill out the linked online form below to communicate your choices.  Payment options are listed. 

Microsoft Form 2019-20 Yearbook Orders 


Mother’s Day flower baskets 

Families are being especially careful about spending during this uncertain time. If you are able to support our 8th Grade Mother’s Day basket fundraiser, we would love to help bring you the joy and beauty of flowers! 

Microsoft Form Mother’s Day Flower Orders 

We will collect orders until the last week of April. Since school will be closed, please feel free to complete this form and mail a CHECK to the school:  2116 Cornwall Ave. Bellingham, WA 98225  

Please note we’re unable to bill fundraisers via FACTS, so payment must be submitted via check.  

  • The gorgeous baskets are $50 each and will make any mother very happy! Each 12” basket is hand-planted and maintained ensuring higher quality and greater uniformity than most local retailers can offer  
  • Baskets contain calibrachoa (Million Bells) and bacopa mix designed to bloom in full sun or light shade  
  • Each purchase includes a $5.00 coupon for Jack’s Classic Fertilizer redeemable at Vander Giessen Nursery in Lynden  



Keeping our sanity– fun fact! 

In September of 1941, a polio epidemic kept some schools from opening, and children were sequestered at home according to the Sunday News of Sept. 7, 1941.  

With input from Parks and Recreation staff, newspapers at the time published numerous suggestions for crafts and activities to occupy the youth until such time as the government restrictions were lifted, so they wouldn’t “spend all their time at the radio or underfoot.” 

You decide if these suggestions or the modern tech and entertainment available to us in 2020 sound better: 

  • Build a “whatnot”: What’s a whatnot? It’s a little shelf or set of shelves, often meant to be hung in a corner, to hold small knick-knacks or miniatures. Kids with some interest in carpentry – and access to a parent’s tool chest – might make such a thing out of scraps of plywood. (Adult supervision while using the saw? Not mentioned.) 
  • Make a belt: “A strip of burlap and a few bright patches of cloth from the rag-bag” are all that’s needed appliqué a belt with flowers. And, presumably, access to a sewing kit. 
  • Try your hand at sculpture: A few cents worth of modeling clay, some homemade plaster-of Paris, or even “a hunk of clay out of the back yard” could be the raw materials for a budding Michelangelo. 
  • Raid the kitchen to make jewelry: From necklaces made of macaroni to bracelets made of red and yellow corn, fashion accessories using foodstuffs as raw materials could produce pieces “that might have come from a Fifth Avenue shop window.”  
  • Go fly a kite: Provided you don’t do it with a flock of other neighborhood kids, that is. Keep to a solo flight, or one restricted to siblings. 
  • Catch up on forgotten hobbies: Stamp collections and music lessons were the hobbies specified in 1941, but in general this advice is fairly timeless. 
  • Read a book: Here’s hoping this one never goes out of style. 
  • Do some chores: The Sunday News article ended on a note that might have been grim for any children reading – have the kids pitch in with cooking, cleaning, canning and other housework. “Maybe this forced vacation will be a real benefit,” the article said in closing, “not only to children who never knew what to do with spare time, but for parents who hadn’t thought about what to do with the kids when they had to stay around the house.” 


What are those terms that kids are using these days? 

Do you ever wonder what your child is saying when they refer to online lingo? Netlingo is a great online dictionary/glossary of terms. A parent asked what the following references are in Microsoft Teams: 

  • Animated GIF – a series of static images are displayed one after another or on top of each other, giving the effect of motion or animation. It was originally referred to as a “CompuServe Bitmap” but it stands for “Graphics Interchange Format.” 
  • Meme– a.k.a. Internet phenomena, popular themes, catchphrases, viral videos, amateur celebrities 

(pronounced: meem)  Pictures, videos, links, and other content that spreads quickly from one person to another through the Internet. Memes can also refer to an idea, concept, phrase or any other unit of information that goes viral 

We have turned these features off in the chat rooms of Microsoft Teams recently because they tend to be a distraction for students when we would like their chats to be academic and professional in language. As fun as they can be, classroom groups and teams are not the appropriate forum for these. 


Announcing a new Middle School Language Arts/Literature/Social Studies teacher 

Please join me in welcoming our new eighth grade homeroom teacher for next year, Elizabeth Reyes. She has been in the Archdiocese of Seattle off and on for the past 23 years and has worked at various schools in Western Washington. Most recently, she has been teaching 5th through 8th grade literature, social studies, and religion at St. Edward in Seattle (with our own Fr. Scott Connolly!). She brings many years of experience with these grade levels and we are thrilled that she has accepted the position for next year. In 2020-2021, she will be teaching eighth grade religion, social studies, language arts, and literature, as well as seventh grade literature and language arts.  

Job postings are still open for a part-time art teacher and a part-time physical education teacher for next year. Please visit “Employment Opportunities” on the school’s webpage for listings of current vacancies. 


2020 Census 

Don’t forget to complete the census and encourage everyone you know to do the same. It is so important for funding and programs and we want to do our part. Learn more at


Parish Lenten activities 

Assumption’s Lenten Soup Suppers each Friday during Lent are canceled, along with all other parish activities.  This is a precaution being taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus and to protect the vulnerable in our community.  Please continue to pray for all those impacted by illness and/or caring for those who are sick.   


Host families needed

ICES has several Catholic foreign exchange students needing host families for the 20-21 school year. Maria Julia (17) from Brazil, Huong (17) from Vietnam, Hyowon (15) from South Korea, and Fernando (15) from Spain all attend mass weekly, and I want to place them in families where they can continue to practice their faith in the US. Host families provide room, board, and loving support. Students have their own medical insurance and spending money. Your family gets to choose the student you host! We need host families for the first semester going from August through December/January.  Interested? Want more information? Contact Helen Kennedy at


Photo request

Staci Johnson is once again putting our yearbook together.  We are so lucky to have Lee Eberhart’s excellent professional photos!  Since Lee can’t be at every event, Staci would love more photos of your children.  Pictures she is requesting are sports, siblings at school, playground, field trip, parent volunteers and distance learning or any great picture of your student(s). 

Since we do not have spring sports and the Fun Run will be delayed, Staci is doing a few new fun pages called My Favorite Things  –  My Favorite Teacher, My Favorite Subject, My Favorite Movie, My Favorite Snack Food, My Favorite Day of the Week, My Favorite Color, My Favorite Holiday, My Favorite Superhero, My Favorite Animal, etc.  “Goals and Dreams” will also be a new feature –  Places I Want to Visit, People I Want to Meet, Sports I Would Like to Try, Movies I Would Like to See, Where I Would like to Live, Museums I want to Visit…. If your child would like to be showcased in one of these pages, please provide the text and a picture to Staci.  

Please ensure the pictures are high quality photos (blurry pics will not print). 

Thank you in advance for your help.  Pictures can be emailed to: or text 360-303-8408. 


In memory of James Bailey 

James Bailey, a generous supporter of our Assumption School Foundation, died on Tuesday, March 31st at the Hospice House. Mr. Bailey became a part of the school community just recently after donating $100,000 in December 2018 to the Foundation, in memory of his partner, Frances Anderson. After that time, he would join us at school Masses occasionally, and was a guest speaker in the middle school classes. He loved people and was a great storyteller. Mr. Bailey (originally from Australia) was best known for being the first person on to run the mile on U.S. soil in under four minutes, back in May 1956. You can read the article here Please join me in honoring his memory and praying for the repose of his soul. May he rest in peace. 


PTC News 

Looking for a SWAG Leader for all our SWAG gear! This job entails keeping accountability of the inventory and reordering items as needed, coordinating volunteers to help sell at events and picking out
new inventory as needed. If interested please contact Stephanie Wolf at


Are you scanning your receipts into Shoparoo? With the new changes to Box Tops, this is another easy way for us to recoup some of those lost box top dollars! This is an easy way for our school to earn money without having to sell anything! Please support us in this program! The money all comes back to our school and the programs we provide! Click here for more info:



Don’t forget to use while you are shopping from home!

  • You can reload those Starbucks and Safeway gift cards online
  • Did you know you can use your Safeway gift card at Haggen?
  • Are you doing some home improvement projects while stuck at home right now? Print off eScrip for Lowe’s and Home Depot!

So many ways to use ShopWithScrip! If you haven’t signed up and need help, please reach out to and we will help you get set up!


Are you ordering toilet paper, hand sanitizer and flour from Amazon
because you can’t find it in the grocery stores? Don’t forget to make
sure you are using AmazonSmile and have chosen Assumption Church as your charity! By using and choosing ASSUMPTION CHURCH when prompted, Amazon will donate 0.5% of most purchases to Assumption. When you save the AmazonSmile link into your devices and
always remember to shop from that link, all your purchases will make a donation to Assumption. 


Upcoming Calendar Items: 

April 6th through April 10thSpring Break. No online classes this week. 

April 24th Mother’s Day flower orders due 

April 27th Back to school (tentative) 

April 28thYearbook orders due 

May 1st– Art Display and Art Walk for K-8 at 6 pm; Donor thank you event in the library 5 pm to 6 pm 

May 13thth– Class Picture Day (Preschool 3’s, K-8) 

May 14th– PreK Class Picture Day 

May 14th– Annual Fun Run (tentatively postponed to this day) 

May 15thJr. Ski to Sea Parade with Beer & Brats fundraiser starting at 4 pm 

May 15th– Volunteer Appreciation and Spring Concert 11:30 to 3 pm (Changed from May 22nd)