Wednesday Parent Newsletter 3.18.20

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In this week’s newsletter, you’ll find a chance to support ACS, continued coronavirus preparation and distance learning Q & A, a few tips for livening our days, employment opportunities for 2020-21,2020 Census info, rescheduled class picture days, Heart Challenge 2020 winners, parish Lenten activities, host families needed for Catholic exchange students, a Mother’s Day flower basket sale, a call for yearbook photos, PTC News including an opportunity to lead ACS in the Jr. Ski to Sea Parade, a Swag leader, how to Shoparoo, a placeholder for April Playground Angels and upcoming calendar items.  Thank you for reading!


“We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.” Romans 12:6 

 Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. 

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who truly seek him. 

HEBREWS 11:1,  3,6 


WE NEED ALL PARENTS TO VOTE! We have 191 votes thus far, but we need to keep our lead.  

 You can vote by going to or click on the QR code to the left.  You are entitled to one vote per email address you control. Vote with multiple emails. Send it to all your friends. 


Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Starting today, please communicate about COVID-19 and school closures with us by using this form: Questions, Concerns, Comments, and Feedback. 

We’ve created an FAQ page on our website so that families can go to one place and see what other questions people are asking. There is so much we don’t know yet to ask, but as we learn more, we will update this page daily. 

What has been communicated thus far? 

Sunday, March 15th 

  1. Some parents are concerned about paying tuition and paying for childcare over the next six weeks while managing to “teach” their children at home. Please know that our teachers and staff will continue to work full-time and will do everything they can to make Assumption an example of excellent distance learning. The burden should not fall on parents any more than it has to. The school’s costs remain mostly the same, but if paying tuition creates an additional hardship for your family, we will make more tuition assistance available on an individual basis. 
  2. Remember to reinforce expectations for tech use at home. Set up parent permissions on your iPhone with Family Sharing and turn on restrictions on YouTube. Children should be using the device in a common space so that you can see the screen. It is necessary to have tech-free time at home. Once their schoolwork is done, encourage puzzles, books, artwork, and music. Use the time to be creative and get outside! 
  3. Track & Field has been canceled for this season since the practices wouldn’t begin until April 27th. We are waiting on the D.C. trip for eighth graders and Portland for 7th graders but will let you know when a decision has been made. 
  4. All meetings and after-school activities are also canceled while school is closed, but we hope to do some meetings through ZOOM with parents and committees. Teachers and staff will email you directly if meetings will still take place over the next few weeks.  


Monday, March 16th 

  1. Regarding the coronavirus case we were waiting to hear about, there was not an official test given because the person was not a first responder/health care professional and did not go to the ER. However, here is what we would like parents to know: An Assumption School staff member contracted a flu-like illness including headache, fever, sore throat, cough and severe fatigue. A medical evaluation was recommended by health care professionals and was completed with recommendations for supportive care. No testing for COVID-19 was done as the staff member did not meet current testing criteria. The absence of testing did not rule out the possibility of COVID-19 and advisement was made for isolation until symptoms resolve. At this time, any contact with this staff member has been longer than 72 hours and therefore, parents and staff members should monitor themselves for symptoms like fever and dry cough. 
  2. Microsoft Teams- We are told that this may not be working for some students. Our IT department has adjusted those permissions in the admin settings, but they take up to 24 hours to take effect. We hope that all students will be able to access Teams by tomorrow morning. Please keep the teachers posted. (Note: This has been resolved!
  3. Children and families are inclined to meet in small groups while school is out. We have been advised to let all families know that is our collective responsibility to lessen the spread of this virus and it is your responsibility to limit interaction with others. Please heed the advice of professionals and refrain from meeting for playdates or in groups with other families until further notice.  
  4. Many parents are feeling overwhelmed with the instructions from teachers and number of emails today and this past weekend. Please know that we understand every situation is different. It’s our job to give you everything you need at this time, but we recognize that you will only do what is reasonable for your family with so many other responsibilities. Please communicate with teachers and share what is reasonable so that they can know your unique situation. 
  5. The Distance Learning Plan was attached to today’s email and includes a possible schedule for families as well as “mission” ideas for students in their tech-free afternoon time. 


Tuesday, March 17th (Watch Mr. Anderson’s video here for the same following information.) 

  1. Do parents have to stick to the schedule that is listed in the Distance Learning Plan? Is attendance taken? Parents are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information coming from teachers. Today, teachers agreed that they will give parents more than what they will need, but it’s up to the parent to decide what the schedule will look like for that day. Attendance won’t be taken daily, but participation grades will be given for being a part of a group chat or viewing the recording of the group chat and then commenting on it (in Microsoft Teams/ZOOM). For Seesaw, posts will be evidence of participation. 
  2. Could parents just have one email in the morning that lists all the activities that day, not something that lays out the whole week or too many posts throughout the day? Teachers for grades PS-5 will do their best to email a daily “task” list to students and parents so that it is all in one place and can be used to plan for the day. 
  3. Teachers want the chance for parents to pick up materials. In order to limit exposure, we would like to deliver items to families in their cars without them coming into the school. On Friday, March 20th, the school will have items for pick up between 10 am and 1 pm (or by appointment if those times don’t work). Your child(ren)’s teacher(s) will let you know by Thursday if you will need to pick up materials. Please wait in your car, and the teacher in the traffic loop will radio to the library for your items to be brought to your car. Keep the six-foot social distance, please, and do not get out to socialize with other families. (Note: We will likely do this every Friday.) 
  4. Specialists will provide their assignments to homeroom teachers for grades K-5. Instead of more emails and posts from multiple teachers, everything will be communicated through your child’s homeroom teacher by email, OneNote, or Seesaw (depending on the teacher). 


Keeping our sanity! 

We’re all reeling over the very sudden changes to our daily life and trying to coordinate distance learning for our children.  We gathered some ideas from several families (thank you!) on unique ways to enrich these days and provide some family entertainment.  

Although physically separated, we’re all in this together!  Please feel free to submit other ideas you come across in the coming weeks that we may share with our entire ACS community. 


Employment Vacancies 

We have completed interviews for the middle school language arts/literature/social studies position and hope to make a decision soon. Job postings are still open for a part-time art teacher and a part-time physical education teacher for next year. Please visit “Employment Opportunities” on the school’s webpage for listings of current vacancies. 


2020 Census 

Take the pledge to complete the census for 2020 (Pledge to Complete the 2020 Census). It is so important for funding and programs and we want to do our part. Learn more at . 


Class Picture Days 

We pounced on rescheduling our class photos with Lifetouch. The new dates will be May 13th & 14thWe’ll send reminders about dress guidelines as the dates approach. Thank you! 


Heart Challenge winner! 

It was a close finish between 1st grade and 4th grade for the winner of the pizza party and free time in the gym.  First grade had 46% of students who raised donations for the American Heart Association AHA. Fourth grade, the winners, had 50% of students who raised donations for AHA!   

Our Heart Champion is Genevieve Whalen who raised over $1650.00 for the AHA. Our overall goal was $3000.00, we raised $2580.00! 

Thank you for Mrs. Frazier, Mrs. Rush and her mother, Mrs. Knight and most important Mrs. Robinson for helping make the Heart Challenge day excellent! 

Eat, Play, Stay heart healthy! -Mrs. Campbell 


Parish Lenten activities 

Assumption’s Lenten Soup Suppers each Friday during Lent are canceled, along with all other parish activities.  This is a precaution being taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus and to protect the vulnerable in our community.  Please continue to pray for all those impacted by illness and/or caring for those who are sick.   


Host families needed 

ICES has several Catholic foreign exchange students needing host families for the 20-21 school year. Maria Julia (17) from Brazil, Huong (17) from Vietnam, Hyowon (15) from South Korea, and Fernando (15) from Spain all attend mass weekly, and I want to place them in families where they can continue to practice their faith in the US. Host families provide room, board, and loving support. Students have their own medical insurance and spending money. Your family gets to choose the student you host! We need host families for the first semester going from August through December/January.  Interested? Want more information? Contact Helen Kennedy at 


Mother’s Day flower baskets 

Order forms for that Mother’s Day baskets benefiting our 8th Grade are due by April 3rd. Since school will be closed, please feel free to print and mail an order form to the school with payment or scan and email it to Mrs. Dennis ( Please note we’re unable to bill fundraisers via FACTS, so will need payment submitted via check.  

  • The gorgeous baskets are $50 each and will make any mother very happy! Each 12” basket is hand-planted and maintained ensuring higher quality and greater uniformity than most local retailers can offer 
  • Baskets contain calibrachoa (Million Bells) and bacopa mix designed to bloom in full sun or light shade 
  • Each purchase includes a $5.00 coupon for Jack’s Classic Fertilizer redeemable at Vander Giessen Nursery in Lynden 


Contribute to the ACS Yearbook 

Our talented and wonderful yearbook leader, Staci Johnson, is looking for parents to share their photos of various school events.  For details, please see the flyer here. 


Archdiocesan Overnight Summer Camps (look for additional information to follow) 


PTC News 

Looking for an enthusiastic Chair for the JR Ski to Sea Parade on Friday May 15th! This entails registering our school for the parade and then creating your own idea on how you would like our school represented! You could have the kids decorate their bikes and ride them, decorate a trailer as a float or decorate the back end of a truck, or maybe use the school bus! The opportunities are endless! This is great for someone who needs volunteer hours and has a tough time coming in to the school to help. Most of the planning can all be done from home! If this sounds fun and exciting to you please contact Jessica Sidhu at 


Looking for a SWAG Leader for all our SWAG gear! This job entails keeping accountability of the inventory and reordering items as needed, coordinating volunteers to help sell at events and picking out new inventory as needed. If interested please contact Stephanie Wolf at 


 Are you scanning your receipts into Shoparoo? With the new changes to Box Tops, this is another easy way for us to recoup some of those lost box top dollars! This is an easy way for our school to earn money without having to sell anything! Please support us in this program! The money all comes back to our school and the programs we provide! Click here for more info: 


Non-Fundraising Commitment Hours:   

We will be posting a sign up for April Playground Angels when we know more about how the month will take form.  Thank you for your continued support and dedication to keeping our children safe outside. 


Upcoming Calendar Items: 

May 1st– Art Display and Art Walk for K-8 at 6 pm 

May 13thth– Class Picture Day (Preschool 3’s, K-8) 

May 14th– PreK Class Picture Day 

May 15th– Volunteer Appreciation and Spring Concert 11:30 to 3 pm (Changed from May 22nd)