Wednesday Envelope News 1.2.19

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Happy New Year!!!

In this week’s envelope, you’ll find information on:  Thank You!, Volunteer Opportunities, Distinguished Graduate Award Nominees, Extension Camp for January, PTC News and General Meeting Information, Fulcrum Tuition Assistance, Calendar Items

Thank You!

For the month of December, there are many donations for which the school is thankful. The school would like to thank all those who have contributed to “Support for a Century” so far. Thank you, especially, to James Bailey who made a $100,000 donation to the school in late December in memory of Frances M. Anderson. Mr. Bailey will be meeting with Mr. Anderson in the next week to discuss its allocation and distribution, but he has stipulated that he’d like it to go for tuition assistance. To date, the “Support for a Century” campaign has raised $210,555 in donations and pledges for the School Foundation (including this most recent donation from Mr. Bailey).

Thank you to Trevor Gardisky and WRS (Western Refinery Services) Paving in Ferndale for laying gravel in the bus parking area (the Virginia St. side of the parking lot). They donated all the labor and materials and the school only had to pay for the permit. Thank you to Teri and Matt Treat for donating a piano, now placed on the stage in the gym for upcoming performances and school/church events.

New Volunteer Opportunity:

The teachers in grades 1-4 would love to have their libraries leveled in their classrooms so that students can pick the appropriate reading level. To help with this, you can take home a stack of books from the teachers’ libraries and look up the titles online. Once you know the level, you would then write it on the binding of the book and the inside cover. Please email the office if this is something you’d like to do from home starting in January.

Distinguished Graduate Award for Catholic Schools Week

The school likes to honor an alumni of Assumption Catholic School on the Friday of Catholic Schools Week (beginning January 27th) each year. If you know someone who graduated from Assumption before 1995, is a practicing Catholic, and continues to be involved in Catholic education, please email the name of the nominee to by January 11th. The award honors a graduate of Catholic schools who has made a contribution to American life and the Catholic church. We will ask the nominee for three accomplishments as well as a personal statement on his/her view of Catholic education and its value in our community. That’s it! We then present the alumnus with a certificate and gift on Friday, February 1st. Previous honorees include:  Steve Mura, Pat McIntyre, Jeff Reinert, JoAnn Bellefeuille, Catherine Finkbonner, Phoebe Vanderboom, Teri Treat, JoAn Siden, and Lou St. Hilaire.

Absences and Late Arrival

Please review the Attendance Procedures, Absences, and Make-Up Work in the Parent Handbook which is on the school’s website. We are near the end of the semester by the time we return from Christmas break.

January Extension Camp -BASKETBALL!

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the Basketball Extension Camp during the week of January 7-11. You can follow this link.  This is open to students in grades K-5 but middle school students are encouraged to sign up to lead stations (also by following the link). For more information email

PTC News

Please plan on joining us for our next PTC General Meeting on January 9th at 7pm in the gym. We will be joined by our local Neighborhood Police Officer Eric OsterKamp. He will be discussing how the Bellingham Police Department is prepared to handle a school crisis at Assumption or how a crisis at Bellingham High School would affect Assumption and how it would be handled. We look forward to seeing you at our meeting and hearing from Officer OsterKamp!  Childcare will be provided this evening by our EDP staff. Please bring your child(ren) to the library any time after 6:45 pm.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: We’ll be sponsoring a winter Family Movie Night on Friday, January 11th in the gym. See the flier in this week’s envelope. Donations are appreciated and concessions will be available for sale.  Bring your sleeping bags and pillows to camp out on the floor and spend some time with your school community!

Fundraising Commitment Hours

  • SCRIP SELLERS NEEDED! Selling Scrip is a great way to earn fundraising hours. We need sellers for the following times:
  • Tuesday                     2:45 – 3:15 pm
  • Wednesday               7:45 – 8:15 am
  • Thursday                   2:45 – 3:15 pm
  • Friday                        7:45 – 8:15 am

You don’t have to be available every week to sell.  Sell on one day a week or one day a month.  Our schedule is flexible!  Please email Angie King at and let me know if you are interested in selling Scrip and what days you are available!

Non-fundraising Commitment Hours

  • WORK FROM HOME! If you need to get your hours from the comfort of home, email to help us level books from teacher classroom libraries. You can take a stack of books home starting in January. To level the book, visit and put in the title of the book. Return the books to the teacher when you’re done. We’ll start with grades first through fourth.
  • January Playground Angels sign up here:  January Sign-Up
  • Save Angie from the cold/rain and help accomplish her to-do list!  Earn one weekly volunteer hour!  We’re looking for a parent to hang out until 8:10 each morning and secure the traffic loop chain when the bell rings.  Perfect for working parents in need of volunteer hours that have a few extra minutes.  If you’re able, please contact Dayna Dennis at

Parent Satisfaction Survey

Watch for the results of November’s Parent Satisfaction Survey to be included in a Wednesday Envelope this month. Thank you to everyone who responded. We had 71 responses from the K-8 families, and 15 responses from Preschool.

FACTS Tuition Management

All families will be required to register for FACTS Tuition Management starting in early February. This will be the new system for collecting tuition and fees in the 2019-2020 school year. FACTS will also accept payments for incidentals like EDP, Hot Lunch, and co-curricular activities. Please look for announcements starting in January that will explain how this process will be combined with registration for the 2019-2020 school year. The cost to families will be an annual fee of $46 (per family, not per student) or $20 if you pay everything at the start of the school year. Families will still have the option to pay cash if they choose, but all payments will be processed through FACTS. If you already have an account with FACTS for tuition assistance, you will be able to link this to the new system.

FACTS Fulcrum & Assumption Tuition Assistance Applications

Tuition assistance applications for the 2019-2020 school year are now available online to complete. The website is As a reminder, submitting the application online is just the first step. All applicants must also provide supporting documentation, like tax forms and W-2’s. Applications can only be verified and processed once all necessary documentation is submitted. It takes FACTS about 14 business days to process applications once paperwork is received, so the sooner it’s submitted, the better. Each family will pay a $29 fee to FACTS to apply for Fulcrum tuition assistance. Each family will be fully reimbursed if their child(ren), regardless of whether they are awarded a Fulcrum grant or not, enroll(s) in a Catholic school for the 2019-2020 school year.  The deadline for applications to be submitted and documents to be uploaded into FACTS is January 4, 2019. If you need help completing the application or uploading your documents, please contact Angie King at 733-6133 ext. 4313 or email her at

Upcoming Calendar Items:  January Calendar

January 7-11- Basketball Extension Camp at EDP for grades K-5 with middle school helpers

January 8thFirst day of middle school snow sports (skiing, snowboarding, and skating)

January 9thPTC General Meeting at 7 pm in the gym. Officer Eric Osterkamp will be here to discuss emergency preparedness for the school and surrounding areas.

January 11thPTC Movie Night in the gym at 7 pm

January 16th– Early Release Day

January 21st– No school in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday

January 22nd– Seventh and eighth grade field trip to Mass for Life in Lacey, March for Life in Olympia