Weekly Parent Envelope

June 13, 2018


Uniform Policy (Revised June 2018) 

There were not a lot of changes made to the uniform policy for next year, but we cleaned up the document to remove all items that are no longer on the list. Please note that only uniform sweatshirts will be allowed next year (non-uniform jackets are still ok for wearing outside), so make sure to get the quarter-zip sweatshirts with the emblem and dress uniform sweaters. Also, please note that haircuts for boys should be close to similar length all around (Page 2). This year, the fashion has been a short buzz cut on the side and very long on top. New Policy here!

Cell phones for 2018-19 

There will be a slight change to the cell phone policy for next year. Beginning in 2018-19, each homeroom in grades 5-8 will have a pocket chart in the front of the room where students will check in their phones at the beginning of each day and collected at the end of the day. We've allowed students, this year, to keep their phones in their backpacks or lockers but continue to have texts and calls coming in and out throughout the school day. With their devices in grades 5-8, there shouldn't be a need for cell phones during the day and we hope to minimize these distractions. 

Kindergarten aide for 2018-19 

We happy to announce that Jane Town has been hired for the Kindergarten aide position for next year. Mrs. Town was a second-grade teacher at St. Joseph's in Yakima for nineteen years and just moved to Bellingham with her husband last month. She will be a great addition to our staff and to the Kindergarten classroom. Mrs. Town will also be the lunch duty next year (taking the place of Mrs. Campbell in that role) in addition to her aide duties. Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Town to Assumption. 

Extended Day Program on June 14th 

Remember there is no EDP on Thursday, June 14th (The last day of school.) It's an early release day with an 11:45 am dismissal. 

2018/2019 -Extension Camps – NEW! 

We invite all K-5 students to participate in a new after-school opportunity next year.  The first week of every month will be focused on a different sport or extracurricular activity led by a qualified volunteer or hired community member.  For example, in September the students (who sign up) will participate in a week-long flag football "camp" after school.  Interested students will first pay to register for the Extended Day Program (even if you’ll only be using it for these Extension Camps) and then most weeks will be free unless material fee is noted at the time of sign up.  Additional camps we have planned for next fall are basketball, dance, and drama.  We are excited! More information will come home soon! Thank you, Bev Williams and Lisa Twining 

Summer Opportunity -Jesus Day Camp! 

Saint Joseph's Catholic Church in Ferndale will offer their annual Jesus Day Camp the week of July 16-20, from 9-noon.  This is a fun-filled week for students from preschool age 3 through current grade 5!  The week is based on an exciting Bible Theme, and the children sing songs, learn Bible stories, and play games together, along with being served snacks.  The week ends with Mass on Friday and a potluck! There is no cost to families, but donations for school supplies will be accepted. To sign up contact Neileen Dashiel at 360-384-8818 or email faith.formation@stjosephferndale.org.  

The Parent Paperwork Packet  

Congratulations to the families that have submitted their Parent Paperwork Packet that was sent home two weeks ago. Remember that we need the packets and all the included paperwork before you check out for the summer! Keep them coming! 

Excess Yearbooks and Pictures 

The company that printed our yearbooks printed an "overrun" which means we got extra to sell! If you wanted a yearbook (or wanted more) this year but missed the deadline... we have more! They are hard back and beautiful! Yours for $20 a copy! 

The office also has excess student pictures for sale: 

Student photos that were hung at the auction. Beautiful photos by a professional photographer. $5.00/each. 

Class photos...please remember that corrected class photos are available for FREE for those that purchased them. There were a few extra of each class as well. $10/each. 

Contact pvanderboom@school.assumption.org to inquire about class photos or just walk in! 

Come in and look through the Auction photos to get a special one of your child/ren. 

Want to show your school spirit all summer long? There's still time to get your Assumption gear! We will have a table set up after school on the last two days of school (June 13th and 14th) and will be selling branded t-shirts ($12/ adults, $6/ kids), hats ($15) and water bottles ($7) along with select other items. Quantity is limited, so stop by and get your swag!  

Lost and Found 

It's time to empty out the Lost & Found bins.  We have a lot of sweatshirts, coats and all sort of miscellaneous items.  If your student is missing anything, please stop by or have your student stop by to go through the containers.  I'll be displaying all the lost and found items on a table in the entryway (or outside) by the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday June 12th, 13th and 14th. Any unclaimed items will be donated.  You can help reduce the number of unclaimed items by labeling your students' items with their name.  Items that are labeled with a name are returned to the appropriate classroom.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, Aey Angeli at 360-592-0123 or aey@angeli.org 

Fundraising Commitment Hours 

  1. Stephanie Wolf is looking to build out a team to help her sell SWAG at various events next year for fundraising hours. Start counting hours this year for next year's tally by helping her at the following events: 

  1. Thursday, June 14th from 11:30-12:30 (after school pickup) 

Upcoming Calendar Items:   

June 13th - Peace Festival (K-7th) 

June 14th - Preschool/PK Brunch in the Library, 7:30-12:00 

June 14th - EARLY RELEASE, 11:45 AM 

June 14th - Last Day of School Mass, 10:30 am, DRESS UNIFORM 

June 19th - Report Cards mailed home 

June 20th - "Telescopes in the Park", Boulevard Park (weather permitting) beginning at 6:30 pm (public).