Student Learning Expectations

A Graduate of Assumption Catholic School is:

An active faith-filled person who:

  • prays formally and spontaneously.
  • exhibits basic knowledge of the Catholic Church teachings.
  • participates reverently in the sacramental life of the Church.
  • demonstrates compassion through service and is responsive to social justice.

An engaged active life-long learner who:

  • understands, integrates and applies knowledge in all basic academic areas.
  • reads, researches, problem solves and thinks critically.
  • balances spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth as an independent, self-motivated learner.
  • works collaboratively.
  • sets and works toward personal goals.

An effective communicator who:

  • expresses self-confidence and awareness.
  • actively listens.
  • articulates ideas in written and oral forms.
  • resolves conflicts through communication.
  • expresses oneself through the arts and technology.

A person of integrity who consistently:

  • accepts responsibility for personal behavior.
  • makes moral choices that preserve the sacredness of the human person and supports the common good.
  • demonstrates a high level of social and ethical standards.
  • approaches conflict and challenging situations with the courage to speak confidently.

An active global citizen who:

  • practices stewardship for all of God’s creation.
  • respects all races, cultures, faith traditions and individuals.
  • works socially, environmentally, and politically for the common good.