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Welcome letter for Spanish this year

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Middle School Syllabus

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Curriculum de Español 2016-2017

Introduction to Spanish 1 (Grades K- 3)
  • Spanish is taught twice a week for Kindergarten and 1st grade, and three times a week for 2nd and 3rd grade for 45 minutes each class.
  • The text we are using is Calico Spanish Level 1 by Cindy Colyer and Erica Fischer, fourth edition. The curriculum includes Flash Cards, Reproducible Resources on CD, Music CD & DVD, Literature, a Songbook, Student Activity book, Assessments, and posters.
  • We will spend our time practicing simple questions and responses, singing songs, playing games, practicing some writing, and reading books in order to learn the language and about the culture.
  • Concepts to be covered at this level will be:
    • Calendar days & months
    • The Alphabet
    • Numbers
    • Colors
    • Animals
    • Verbs
    • Opposites
    • Money

Introduction to Spanish 2 (4th-5th grades)

  • Spanish is taught three times a week for 45 minutes each day.
  • We are using the Calico Spanish Level 2 by Cindy Colyer, Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell, and Erica Fischer, versión 2.0. This curriculum includes Books, Flash Cards, Student Activity Pack, Assessements, CD-ROM, Music CD, and posters.
  • Reading, writing, conversing and playing games will aid students in learning the language and about other cultures. Students will be able to talk a little more about themselves in Spanish.
  • Topics we will explore:
    • Daily routine & time
    • Family
    • Food
    • Community
    • Celebrations and Traditions
    • Seasons and Weather

Spanish 1 (6-8th grade)

  • Spanish is taught everyday for 45 minutes
  • We are using Realidades 1 published by Prentice Hall. This curriculum includes textbook, workbooks (for native and non-native speakers of Spanish), online resources, and a CD-ROM for Teacher resources and student activities. This book is used for Spanish 1 in the high school in the Bellingham School District.
  • Students will be developing their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The goal is to have students prepared to enter Spanish 2 by the time they graduate.
  • Topics and Themes we will explore:
    • Friends and Self
    • School
    • Food
    • Favorite pastimes
    • Celebrations with family
    • The home
    • Shopping
    • Unique experiences
    • Communication