Physical Education K - 8

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Sport Rules and Guidelines
Washington State Physical Education Standards


Monthly Units at assumption catholic school



Cholesterol Awareness Month

Cholesterol is vital to normal functioning through out your body.Hoever, too much can clog the blood vessels and keep blood from moving freely through out your body

Welcome back - Balance your health!

Dimensions of Health;

SPIRITUAL, Intellectual, Physical,

Social, Emotional, and Environmental

Fitness Components:

Cardio respitory Endurance, Muscular Endurance, Muscular Strength, Flexibility, and Body Composition.

The principle FITT-

Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type

Introduction to Body Systems

K - 1st recess stations

2nd - recess stations and pedometers level I

3rd - recess stations

4th - Tennis level I

5th - Flag Football level I

6th  - Flag Football level II

7th - Hiking and Bicycle safety and fitness - level II

8th - Touch Rugby 


Healthy Lung Month

 Respiratory System

K - 1st Moving through general space doing locomotor skills and tag games. Learning personal space while working with jump ropes and bean bags.

2nd - Soccer skill related station and pedometers

3rd - beginning inline skating

4th - Tennis level I

5th - Flag Football level I

6th  - Flag Football level II

7th - Bicycle safety and fitness level II

8th - Touch Rugby

Skeletal System


Diabetes Awareness Month

Pancreas and insulin

K - 2nd Movement Gymnastics

3rd - Inline skating

Fitness testing

4th - Archery and Resistant bands

5th - Gymnastics and Acrosport

6th  - Combatives and Wrestling

7th - Bowling/team handball

8th - Basketball officiating


K- creative movement through gymnastic

1st -creative movement through gymnastic

2nd- gymnastic skills and sharing

3rd - gymnastic routines to share

4th -  Archery and resistant bands

5th - Stunts used in partner gymnastic routines

6th  - Basketball

7th Bowling field trip

8th - Basketball officiating

Alpine Safety Awareness Program


The Muscular system


K - 7 jumps
hokey pokey
muffin man
skip to my lou
piece porridge hot
yankee doodle
chicken dance

1st - larapsa – mexican hat dance
irish jig -
Childrens polka
Shortnin bread
Bunny hop
Patty cake polka
Hora. Tortenella
Chimes of dunkirk , Bombay bounce

2nd - jump rope rhythms
Green sleeves
Patty cake polka
irish wash women
teddy bear polka
Circle dances
tennessee wigwam
jiffy mixer
miser lou

3rd -Review 2nd grade polkas juffy mixer
Tinickling – progression
lummi sticks 344 (creative - partner and true)


4th - Inline Skate dance routine

5th - jump rope routine
Horse and buggy shottische
American heritage dances –
grand march
cotton eye Joe
Alabama gal
Virginia Reel
square mixer / Big circle dance

Fitness testing

6th - Square dance – square the set, lead couples, side couples, honor your partner , honor your corner, forward and back, circle left, single file, weave the ring, grand allemande, ladies chain, courtesy turn, star, star promenade, california twirl, pass thru, see saw, california breadbasket.

7th - childrens dances from around the world

The students read and problem solve written dance instructions to dance and teach the assigned dance to classmates

Troika, wooden Shoes, Jibi di Jibi da, Road to the Isle, Tancuj, Bummel schottische

8th  - ball room dance

waltz and latin american dances


Health Heart Month 

JUMP for HEART    February 13th and 14th

The Circulatory system 

K - 3  - Ball handling - concepts of dribbling, passing, catching, striking balls related to basketball or volleyball

4th - Basketball

5th - Volleyball

6th - Basketball

7th - Volleyball M.S. level 1

8th  - Volleyball M. S. level 2


National Nutrition Month

The Digestive system

 K - 3 variety of striking skills

related to racquet sports

4th  floor Hockey

5th  Inline Hockey

6th Pickleball

7th  Tennis

8th Badminton



 K - 3 Striking related to baseball and golf

4th  - Soccer

5th - Lacrosse

6th - Ultimate Frisbee

7th - Speedball

8th - Frisbee Golf and Golf


The Nervous system


Physical Education and Sport!

Bicycle month

Ride your bike to school day is the 3rd Friday!!

K - 3 - Striking and Kicking related to baseball and kickball

4th - Kick ball and soccer

5th - Track and Field

6th - Bicycle Safety and fitness

7th - Track and Field

8th - Disc Golf

Extended learning experiences end of May, early June

8th- to Hitting Zone for golf lessons

5th - Fishing

4th  Water Safety

2nd  Inline skating