Parent Teacher Club and School Commission

What is the Parent/Teacher Club (PTC)?

The Parent Teacher Club (PTC) at Assumption Catholic School has a membership of every parent and/or guardian of every student in the school. The main purpose of the Parent Teacher Club is to be the “fund” and “fun” raising arms of School Commission. The PTC prompts open communication among parents, teachers, and administration, promotes goodwill and cooperation between and among parents, faculty, Administration, School Commission, and the parishes of Assumption, Sacred Heart and the Northwest Corner Catholic Community churches, and fosters the political action of parents as advocates regarding national, state, and local legislation affecting the operation of the school and learning of the students.

PTC Board Members

2017-18 School Year
President:  Sonia Hayes
Vice President:  Dayna Dennis
Secretary: Rob Jacobs
Treasurers: Kelly Miller, Brandy Arevalo
Volunteer Coordinator:  Matt Bense
School Commission Liason:  Lynette Machinski

Staff Liason:  Paige McClurg
Principal: Dan Anderson

Meet the PTC Executive Board!

What is the School Commission?

The School Commission serves the pastor and principal as a consultative body. It is composed of parents and community members, with a membership of 12-14 individuals. The primary focus of the School Commission is to ensure that the Strategic Action Plan is being reviewed and monitored and to work with the pastor and principal in areas such as marketing, finance, communication, and school policy. The School Commission is not an evaluative body and is not responsible for hiring of school personnel. However, in an advisory capacity, the Commission plays a vital role in the operations and long-range planning of the school.

School Commission members

  • Lynette Machinski
  • Maria Rodriguez
  • Rob Viggers
  • Eric Wenzel
  • Nathan Twining
  • Jason Strayer
  • Luis Herrera
  • Aimee Bachmeier
  • Duane Dales
  • Joseph Correa
  • Dan Anderson
  • Fr. Scott Connolly
Meet the School Commission!