Parent Teacher Club and School Commission

What is Parent/Teacher Club (PTC)?

The Parent Teacher Club (PTC) at Assumption Catholic School has a membership of every parent and/or guardian of every student in the school. The main purpose of the Parent Teacher Club is to be the “fund” and “fun” raising arms of School Commission. The PTC prompts open communication among parents, teachers, and administration, promotes goodwill and cooperation between and among parents, faculty, Administration, School Commission, and the parishes of Assumption, Sacred Heart and the Northwest Corner Catholic Community churches, and fosters the political action of parents as advocates regarding national, state, and local legislation affecting the operation of the school and learning of the students.

Who are the PTC Board Members?

2016-17 School Year
Co-Presidents: Jennifer Stiff and Staci Johnson
Vice President: Sonia Hayes
Secretary: Rob Jacobs
Treasurers: Kelly Miller, Madelyn Jacobs, Aimee and Eric Bachmeier
Volunteer Coordinator: Gina DePalma
Administrative Liaison: Phoebe Vanderboom
Staff Liason: Maggie Kim
Principal: Dan Anderson

School Commission

  • Ann McQuade
  • Nikki Lockhart
  • Chris Mura
  • David Strutz
  • Maria Rodriguez
  • Nathan Twining
  • Eric Wenzel
  • Lynette Machinski
  • Rob Viggers
  • Jason Strayer
  • Luis Herrera
  • Dan Anderson
  • Fr. Scott Connolly