Academic Overview

Academic Standards

Since 1913 we have provided excellence in body, mind, and spirit for our students.  Our rigorous holistic curriculum goes beyond the state standards to reach the whole student.

Catholic Identity

Our Catholic Identity is woven into every subject, not just religion class. Students are taught to look at each subject through Catholic Social Teaching and to understand the integration of religion in everyday life.

Common Core Standards

Math Common Core Standards are used as a basis for the math curriculum, but students also receive supplemental math knowledge. Fifth through eighth grade students attend math classes based on their abilities.  Our math program also offers high school algebra and geometry.

Standardized Testing

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) is used the standard assessment proctored every school year in October.  The assessment is a comprehensive testing for grades 2 through 8 in Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts.

Student Led Masses

Each class is responsible for leading weekly Masses throughout the school year. All classes also participate in parish life by leading weekend Masses 6 times a year.

Schoolwide Service Learning

Part of our Mission is to develop discipleship within our students.  Therefore, each class is responsible for conducting a class service project that relates to Catholic Social Teaching.  As a whole, the school leads a special service project for our sister school, Bellingham Community School, in Phnom Dek, Cambodia. In partnership with Bellingham businesses, we established and maintain a school garden that is a continual source of funding for the Bellingham Community School. Our annual goal is to raise enough funds to maintain the facility, as well as to provide the necessary resources to help the Cambodian students receive an excellent education.

School Garden

The school garden planted to raise funds for our sister school is also a great opportunity for hands-on learning.  Students in all grades actively participate in the maintenance of the garden.


Habits of Mind

In educating the body, mind, and spirit, we utilize the Habits of Mind practice.  Throughout the year students are introduced to and practice different Habits, such as: metacognition, persistence, and thinking flexibly. Habits of Mind encourages students to think about how they produce knowledge.

Thinking Maps

Visual learning is a strategy to help all students succeed. Throughout the school, thinking maps are implemented to help students organize their thoughts. This strategy is a language of eight visual patterns each based on a fundamental thought process.