Protecting God's Children
It is an important part of Assumption's & Archdiocesan policy to require certain safety measures for school volunteers. This includes parents, grandparents, and relatives. If there is a possibility that you may be volunteering at the school or driving on a field trip sometime during the school year, we encourage you to take care of these requirements now. Your teachers will be grateful!

Before working with students

Safe Environment Training (aka "Protecting God's Children") is a mandatory class that must be taken annually:

· Initial Class (in-person training) - Please follow this link to register.

· Annual Refresher (online) - If you have already taken the initial Safe Environment class, you only need a short annual online refresher course that the parent company, Virtus, will send you notice for.

Safety Measures

A Student Emergency and Health form must be on file for every student. Please make sure you have turned in the required forms.

Required Forms

1) Background Check form must be submitted every three years.

2) The Safe Environment Form must be completed.

3) Before driving on a field trip, each driver must complete a proof of insurance form.