Adverse Weather

School Closure

Normally, the decision to close school will be made in the early morning. Your best source for information is the Assumption School website. Every effort will be made to see that the local media has the information for their 6:00 AM announcements. Assumption uses KING, KOMO, and KIRO television and KOMO and KIRO radio stations to notify parents of our school closure plans. You may also find the information on the following websites: KING, KOMO, and KIRO, and the school social media pages.

Late Start

In some cases we will have a late start which means school will start at a later time, usually around 10:30am. Again, your best source for information is the school’s website. Notice of a late start will also be broadcast on the 6:00 AM announcements of the above noted radio and television stations. If there is a late start HALF DAY Preschool and/or Pre-Kindergarten will be cancelled.

Extended day program/co-curricular activities

For snow days, the Extended Day Program and any Co-Curricular activity follows the same procedures as that of the school. If there is no school, there are no after school programs. If school closes during the day due to weather, we will remain open until all students are picked up. Please be mindful our staff also need to get home safely and it would be appreciated if you could make arrangements to pick up your children as soon as possible.