7th Grade Social Studies & WA State History
Instructor: Marc Costanza
Current Event--Washington Centered


Satire/Political Cartoon





Our World
Washington: A State of Contrasts


All classes include

1. Text as guide
2. One project per trimester
3. Group activities
4. Films
5. Testing; Pop quizzes (when/if reading is required as homework)
6. Discussions/lectures
7. In the News due every Thursday; Where in the World (begins in Winter)

a. In the News—find an article on a recent major event transpiring anywhere in the world although first few months are Washington centered (major means affecting a large number of people). Write one to two paragraphs analyzing the article: explain, offer your opinion, and/or compare to other events.

8. Field Trip to Ft. Ebey and Ft. Casey (Late October or early November) after Washington State Unit.


Washington State history. Sept to about mid-November. Tests are open book.

World History from Renaissance through 20th Century. December to June. Tests will sometimes be open book, open note, or closed book.


           Tests/quizzes:  30%
            Participation/Behavior:  15%
            Homework:  25%
            Classwork:  10%
            In The News:  20%


First Semester—research paper and oral presentation on influential Washingtonian.

Exploring the Giant Washington Map


Second semester—Inventions of the Industrial Revolution