6th Grade Literature
Instructor: Marc Costanza


Reading Log
Book List

Death Scene of Caesar


Prentice Hall Literature as a text will be occasionally used. This is supplemented by handouts in the Oral Tradition Unit, the Myth Unit (tie ins to Social Studies), and the American Short Story Unit. We will do at least one novel.

Neighborhood Odes by Gary Soto, a collection of Chicano poetry

You Come Too by Robert Frost, a collection of his best nature and eastern states poetry

In February, we begin Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” and/or “Much Ado About Nothing” with various one act plays performed.

Journal/Book Log 

Template available to download HERE. Hard copies available in the classroom. Due every Friday. Students are expected to read around 100 pages per week, or ½ hour per night (signed off by an adult)

Book Reports 

Due approximately every 3 weeks. Must do one of each before repeating .

Report styles

Head a paper as you would for class.
Where assignment goes, put genre.
Under that, the first line of your paper, in center, put Title and author.
Write a two paragraph summary of book.
Skip two lines.
Write a one paragraph opinion of book.
Skip two lines
Write two or so sentences on your favorite character.
Shadow Box/Diorama—
Illustrate one scene of your book using paper, clay, salt dough, etc.
Attach a 3/5 card to top with title, author, and your name followed by a description of illustrated scene.
Same format as standard except presented in front of class orally.
Choose a book and present one scene to the class: puppet show, theater, etc. Must OK with me.
Flow Chart—
What happened? Illustrate and explain the sequence of events and (if any) substages.

Extra Credit

Extra book report, on a book you have not done one on but have journaled on. Must be in standard form. 10 pts.


I will also read books and poetry aloud.